In this article, we will help you better determine what schools are available in the state of Virginia for medical assistant students. Providing a long list of schools below that offer training, we also have done some digging to determine the approximate cost for students to enroll in classes, how many months a given program can last, and even whether you can earn a degree come graduation day.

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Students at ANU can enroll in a Medical Office Assistant program, which provides students with a diploma following their graduation. The program will take about seven months to finish.

By contrast, the degree will take 19 months to complete and cost over $36,000 to enroll.

To enroll in the Associate’s degree program, here’s how tuition and fees breaks down, as well as textbooks and supplies:

  1. Tuition and fees: $30,972
  2. Textbooks and key supplies: $5,400.

  • American National University – Martinsville, VA
    Medical Assisting Program
    905 North Memorial Blvd.
    Martinsville , VA – 24112
    Degrees: Associate

Offering a diploma and an Associate’s degree, students should know the diploma program will cost $11557, while books and supplies are an additional $2,205.

  • American National University – Salem, VA
    Medical Assisting Program
    Roanoke Valley Campus
    1813 East Main Street
    Salem , VA – 24153
    Degrees: Associate

Students in Salem can enroll in a diploma or Associate’s degree program.

  • American National University – Charlottesville, VA
    Medical Assisting Program
    3926 Seminole Trail (US 29)
    Charlottesville , VA – 22911
    Degrees: Associate

At Charlottesville, students will have to pay almost twice as much money to attend the Associate’s degree program versus the diploma program.

  • American National University – Danville, VA
    Medical Assisting Program
    336 Old Riverside Drive
    Danville , VA – 24541
    Degrees: Associate

On top of paying twice the money is the length of school, which is more than doubled when you go from attending a diploma program to an Associate’s degree.

  • Bryant & Stratton College – Richmond, VA
    Medical Assisting Program
    8141 Hull Street Rd
    Richmond , VA – 23235-6411
    Degrees: Associate

Students can enroll in a medical assisting program offered by Bryant and Stratton College at two campuses—one is Richmond and the second is Virginia Beach.

  • Bryant and Stratton College – Virginia Beach, VA
    Medical Assisting Program
    301 Centre Pointe Dr
    Virginia Beach , VA – 23462-4417
    Degrees: Associate

With that said, to earn an Associate’s degree, you will likely need to be enrolled in school for two full years. The cost of the program will be $35,000, a majority it going into the school’s tuition cost and related fees.

ECPI offers a 17 month long medical assistant course that ultimately provides graduates with an Associate’s degree. This program will cost you about $27,000—a price that includes tuition and fees, as well as any textbooks and supplies deemed necessary by the school.

Capable of working around various schedules, students can complete the medical assistant program at Everest College within 8 to 10 months. You will need to complete an externship before you graduate.

At the Miller-Motte campus of Lynchburg, students should expect to pay just over $30,000 to attend the school’s medical assistant program. The cost will include everything from tuition to textbooks and is designed to be completed in two years. At the conclusion, successful graduates will earn an Associate’s degree.

Virginia College offers its students a chance to earn a diploma or an Associate’s degree.

Like all the other Virginia College program disclosure we’ve covered in other state pages, the certificate program will take approximately 55 weeks and cost $22,600.

The Associate’s degree track will take you 88 weeks (an estimation that’s subject to change) and cost you approximately $36,100.

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