In this article, we have researched dozens and dozens of medical assisting schools inside Texas that offer training to students. Along with a list of all the programs available in The Lone Star State, we also will let you know how much a school might cost, whether room and board is provided, how long school might last, and whether or not there is a pathway towards earning an Associate’s degree.

Finding a Medical Assisting ProgramFind programs in Texas to learn proper medical assisting skills

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Arlington Medical provides students with a medical assistant program, but unfortunately, none of the details about the program appear on their website. To find out more information about this school’s program, it’s recommended that you contact them directly and request information.

  • Cisco College – Abilene, TX
    Medical Assisting Program
    717 E Industrial Blvd
    Abilene , TX – 79602-8115
    Degrees: Certificate, Associate

Students can work hard to successfully complete a Level II Certificate program in medical assisting, or stay in school longer to earn an Associate’s degree. Once you graduate school, you will be eligible to sit for the Certified Medical Assistant examination by the AAMA.

  • College of the Mainland – Texas City, TX
    Medical Assisting Program
    150 Parker Ct
    League City , TX – 77573-1970
    Degrees: Certificate

The medical assisting program is designed for full-time enrollment. The school offers day classes in the Spring semester, and if you need an evening class option, that happens during the Fall semester.

This is a three-semester program.

  • El Centro College – Dallas, TX
    Medical Assisting Program
    801 Main St
    Dallas , TX – 75202-3605
    Degrees: Certificate

At El Centro College, the school admits between twenty and thirty students in the Spring and Fall semesters. The school offers a 12-month certificate program and a total of 39 credit hours are required.

At the end of your training, you will be asked to partake in a 160-hour unpaid internship that will usually take place in a clinic or a physician’s office.

As far as tuition, Dallas County residents are expected to pay $156 per three-hour class.

  • El Paso Community College – El Paso, TX
    Medical Assisting Program
    100 W Rio Grande Ave
    El Paso , TX – 79902-3914
    Degrees: Associate

Students at El Paso Community College can enroll in a 2-year Associate’s degree program. You will learn via classroom instruction, as well as hands-on experience in a clinical setting.

Students can earn a certificate in medical assisting within 41 weeks, although it could take longer to graduate.

Tuition and fees will cost $18,125, while textbooks and supplies will be $2,009.

Students can earn a Medical Administrative Assistant certificate, or simply a Medical Assistant certificate at the Dallas campus in Everest College.

The program will take approximately 41 weeks to complete. Tuition and fees will cost $19,938 while things like textbooks and other key supplies will cost you an additional $2,013.

The Medical Administrative Assistant course will take you 33 weeks. The program will cost you a total of at least $17,000. This includes things like textbooks, tuition, fees, and more.

The Medical Assistant program will take you 41 weeks long to earn your certificate. The program will cost you approximately $20,000, a price that includes cost of tuition, textbooks, and much more.

This program is designed to take about 41 weeks to complete. Tuition and any required student fees will cost $18,500.

The medical assistant program at Bissonnet costs the same as the other Everest Institute/College campuses, but the difference here is that while the certificate program is designed to take about 41 weeks to complete at campuses like Greenspoint, students attending Bissonnet can complete the program within 33 weeks.

It should be noted, however, that it might take you longer than this estimated time.

The medical assistant program here at Fortis Institute is designed to take 36 weeks long to complete. As with every other school, the cost of the program is broken down between tuition and fees, as well as the price for textbooks and notable supplies.

Tuition and fees: $14,272
Textbooks and supplies: $723

Room and board is not offered here, however.

Hallmark College of Technology offers both day and evening classes to its medical assistant students. Requiring 72 credit hours and taking approximately 52 weeks (day classes) or 72 weeks (night classes) to complete, students should expect to be in school for approximately 14 months.

Once you graduate, you will earn an Associate’s degree.

  • Houston Community College System – Houston, TX
    Medical Assisting Program
    1900 Pressler St
    Coleman Health Sciences Center Ste 434
    Houston , TX – 77030-3717
    Degrees: Certificate

Requiring 41 credits to graduate, the medical assisting certificate program here at Houston Community College System is a course that you are likely able to complete within one year.

The medical assistant program at El Paso takes 36 weeks long to complete. Tuition and fees costs $14,982. Students are expected to pay for textbooks and supplies as well, which costs an additional $300.

  • Kaplan College – San Antonio, TX
    Medical Assisting Program
    7142 San Pedro Avenue
    Suite 100
    San Antonio , TX – 78216-6255
    Degrees: Diploma

Students at the San Antonio campus (San Pedro) of Kaplan have a few different Allied Health programs. While you an enroll in a Medical Assistant program, Kaplan also offers a Medical Office Specialist and a Medical Practice Management (Associate of Applied Science) program.

The medical assistant program is designed to take 36 weeks to finish. Tuition and student fees will be $15,879, while textbooks and supplies will cost $300.

Below, watch a video posted by Kaplan’s YouTube channel in regards to their MA program:

  • Lone Star College – North Harris – Houston, TX
    Medical Assisting Program
    Health Professions Building
    17200 Red Oak, #200E
    Houston , TX – 77090
    Degrees: Certificate

Thirty-nine total credits are required to graduate the certificate program at Lone Star College. There are of course certain requirements students must meet to enroll in the class—things like a criminal background check, a CPR certificate, a physical exam or a drug screening among many things.

  • Lone Star College -Cy Fair – Cypress, TX
    Medical Assisting Program
    9191 Barker Cypress Rd
    Ste HSC
    Cypress , TX – 77433-1383
    Degrees: Certificate

To even attend the Cy Fair medical assistant program, it is absolutely mandatory that you attend the school’s information session. Luckily, no reservations are required to attend.

McLennan Community College offers students an Associate’s degree track that will take two years to complete.

Students at National American University can earn an Associate’s degree.

  • Northeast Texas Community College – Mount Pleasant, TX
    Medical Assisting Program
    2886 FM 1735 Chapel Hill Road
    P O Box 1307
    Mount Pleasant, TX – 75456
    Degrees: Associate

The medical assistant student that enrolls at Northeast Texas Community College requires 70 credit hours minimum to graduate. For those that want more information about this A.A.S. degree program, be sure to contact the program’s Faculty Advisor Nelda Davis.

Students at Pima Medical Institute can earn a medical assisting certificate. The program costs $12,400 to attend. This cost includes the price of tuition of course, as well as lab supplies, uniforms, and much more.

  • Richland College – Dallas, TX
    Medical Assisting Program
    12800 Abrams Rd
    Dallas, TX – 75243-2199
    Degrees: Certificate

At Richland, students can complete this certificate program in about one year if you opt to attend both day and evening classes full time. Should you only be able to attend part-time (in other words, evening only classes), it will likely take you about two years to complete the program.

This is a 768-hour program and tuition costs approximately $3,963. This doesn’t, however, include the cost of textbooks, liability insurance, supplies and more.

  • San Antonio College – San Antonio, TX
    Medical Assisting Program
    1300 San Pedro Avenue
    San Antonio , TX – 78212-4201
    Degrees: Associate
    Degrees: Certificate

San Antonio College offers both an Associate in Applied Science degree, as well as a certificate for medical assisting. San Antonio College actually provides a list of the textbooks that you will be required to purchase. A few of these books are the following:

Clinical Medical Assisting by Delmar Learning
Medical Law & Ethics by McGraw-Hill
Electronic Health Records by McGraw-Hill

  • San Jacinto College North – Houston, TX
    Medical Assisting Program
    5800 Uvalde Road
    Houston , TX – 77049-4513
    Degrees: Certificate

This college offers a certificate program that requires 39 semester credit hours. The school also offers a Medical Billing and Coding program, as well.

The medical assisting program will begin with a Introduction to Medical Assisting and conclude with 160-hour externship.

The Southwest University at El Paso features a 9-month medical assistant program.

  • Texas School of Business – Friendswood , TX
    Medical Assisting Program
    3208 W Parkwood Avenue
    FM 528
    Friendswood, TX – 77546
    Degrees: Diploma

The diploma program will likely take you 36 weeks to complete. Tuition and fees will cost you about $15,984, while textbooks and supplies for the school’s MA program will be $300.

The Houston campus features a medical assisting program that’s identical to the Friendswood program that we’ve outlined above.

  • Texas State Technical College – Harlingen, TX
    Medical Assisting Program
    1902 North Loop 499
    Harlingen, TX – 78550-3697
    Degrees: Certificate

The medical assistant program at Texas State Tech College features a four semester certificate course or a five semester degree program. The certificate program will take you approximately 18 months to complete and cost about $10,000 (tuition, fees and supplies included).

On-campus room and board is offered here, as well, and costs approximately $10,238.

The medical assistant certificate program at VGI takes 9.5 months to complete. Tuition and fees cost approximately $17,503, while students are also expected to pay $465 for textbooks and supplies. Room and board is not offered at this school for this program.

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Disclaimer: All information, statistics, data, guidelines, and requirements regarding each school or program listed above was originally found on the respective school or program’s official website in 2014 and can often be estimates.   Any or all schools or programs can change their information, statistics, data, guidelines, or requirements at any time without warning.  While we do our best to keep information on this page up-to-date, some or all information listed above may have changed or may no longer be accurate.  Please do you own due diligence and research before inquiring about or applying to any school or program.