In this article, you will find a list of qualified medical assistant schools that are available in South Carolina. While we do list prices for tuition cost and other fees, please do know that these are just estimations and are always subject to change.

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Listed alphabetically, you will notice that we also provide information pertaining to course length and even how many credits a particular program may require. Please do check back or bookmark this page, as some schools listed below may be removed as time goes by.

  • Aiken Technical College – Aiken, SC
    Medical Assisting Program
    PO Drawer 696
    US Highway 1 and 78 South
    Aiken , SC – 29802
    Degrees: Certificate

Aiken provides students with a 40-credit medical assistant certificate program.

The diploma program at Central Carolina Tech takes approximately one year to finish. Tuition and fees at CCTC cost about $8,400, while books and supplies cost an additional $3,970.

This Associate’s program is 17 months and will cost students approximately $26,000.

At the North Charleston campus of ECPI University, students are asked to pay $25,880 for tuition and fees, and $1,494 for textbooks and supplies.

  • Forrest College – Anderson, SC
    Medical Assisting Program
    601 E River St
    Anderson , SC – 29624-2405
    Degrees: Associate

At Forrest, students can enroll in an Associate’s degree program. The minimum total quarter hours required for graduation is 94.5.

  • Fortis College – Columbia
    246 Stoneridge Drive, Suite 101
    Columbia, SC 29210

Fortis provides both a certificate and degree program. Here are the differences between the two:

Certificate/Diploma program: 36 weeks long; Tuition and fees are $15,642; Books and supplies are $638.

Degree program: 72 weeks long; Tuition and student fees are $26,602; Textbooks and supplies are $2,898.

  • Greenville Technical College – Greenville, SC
    Medical Assisting Program
    216 S. Pleasantburg Drive
    Buck Mickel Center, BMC 173
    Greenville , SC – 29606-5616
    Degrees: Certificate

At Greenville, the estimated total cost of the medical assistant program is $4,219. While this does not include physicals and immunizations, the cost of the program does include thinks like textbooks, uniforms (sets of scrubs, a lab coat), CPR, a background check, and more.

  • Midlands Technical College – West Columbia, SC
    Medical Assisting Program
    1262 Lexington Dr
    West Columbia , SC – 29170
    Degrees: Certificate

Midlands Tech offers students a certificate following successful completion of the medical assistant program. Once you graduate, you will be eligible to sit for the Certified Medical Assistant exam, which is provided by the AAMA.

At North Charleston’s Miler-Motte campus, MA students should expect to be enrolled in a program that lasts 72 weeks. At the conclusion of the program, you will earn an Associate’s degree.

The cost of tuition and student related fees is $27,960 while textbooks and supplies will cost $5,600.

The median salary for medical assistants is $28,000. And at Orangeburg Calhoun Tech, students are able to enroll in a diploma program that allows students to graduate in about a year’s time.

  • Piedmont Technical College – Greenwood, SC
    Medical Assisting Program
    620 North Emerald Rd.
    Greenwood , SC – 29646-
    Degrees: Diploma

At Piedmont, students can earn a diploma in medical assisting. If you choose to go this down this track, the program will last 40 weeks. Tuition and key student fees will be $8,100, while any textbooks or supplies you utilize will be a combined price of $1,950.

  • South University-Columbia – Columbia, SC
    Medical Assisting Program
    9 Science Ct
    Columbia, SC – 29203
    Degrees: Associate

Offering students an Associate’s degree, students should expect to be in school at least 20 months as they pursue the degree in medical assisting. You should also expect to pay approximately $43,335 for tuition and fees, and about $3,200 for textbooks and other supplies.

For those that need room and board, do note that this will cost you an additional $23,340.

  • Spartanburg Community College – Spartanburg, SC
    Medical Assisting Program
    Business Interstate 85 at New Cut Road
    PO Box 4386
    Spartanburg, SC – 29305-4386
    Degrees: Diploma

Providing you with an opportunity to pursue a diploma, Spartanburg’s medical assistant program is designed to take 45 weeks to complete. As for the price, it would be wise for you to set aside about $10,000 for the program itself, as tuition and fees will exceed $7,000 and any textbooks or supplies you are required to pay for will be upwards of $2,000.

Financial aid should be available for those that need it. Please check with SCC for further details, however.

  • Tri-County Technical College – Pendleton, SC
    Medical Assisting Program
    7900 Highway 76
    P O Box 587
    Pendleton , SC – 29670
    Degrees: Diploma

Here, students can enroll in Tri-County’s diploma program.

It appears that the school’s externship program is rolled into a course called the “Clinical Office Experience I.” This is a course where you will work inside a doctor’s office and get hands-on experience, finally be able to put your classroom education into practical use (while being properly supervised, of course).

  • Trident Technical College – Charleston, SC
    Medical Assisting Program
    7000 Rivers Ave
    P.O. Box 118067
    North Charleston , SC – 29406-4618
    Degrees: Diploma

Students can earn a Diploma in Applied Science in medical assisting, as 51 semester credit hours are required for graduation.

There is also an Associate’s Degree Completion Program. This is for any student that successfully passes the diploma program and wants more education and training to earn an Associate’s degree. A degree isn’t required to gain a job in the medical assisting career, but employers look favorably on those that have it. It should you have acquired more education than your diploma toting peer, and it shows your dedication to your potential career.

At Greenville, if you work hard for at least 55 weeks, you will be able to earn a certificate in medical assisting. With that said, the program will indeed cost you $22,600 for tuition and fees, although it seems like Virginia College isn’t charging students any additional money for textbooks, uniforms, and more like some schools do.

For those that want to earn a degree, the Associate’s degree track will take you at least 88 weeks in school. Tuition and any required fees (for certification exams, for example) will cost $36,100. There is no additional charge for textbooks, however.

The North Charleston campus also has a medical assisting program, and just like Greenville, students here can partake in a diploma program, or a degree program.

To earn the diploma, you will have to be in school for just over a year (55 weeks), while the degree track will take you almost two years (88 weeks) to complete.

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Disclaimer: All information, statistics, data, guidelines, and requirements regarding each school or program listed above was originally found on the respective school or program’s official website in 2014 and can often be estimates.   Any or all schools or programs can change their information, statistics, data, guidelines, or requirements at any time without warning.  While we do our best to keep information on this page up-to-date, some or all information listed above may have changed or may no longer be accurate.  Please do you own due diligence and research before inquiring about or applying to any school or program.