In this article, we’ll provide you with a full list of available schools that offer medical assisting programs in North Carolina. And not only will we list the school themselves, but we’ll also provide details on tuition cost, how long programs may last, whether they offer diplomas or degrees, and even job placement statistics, if available.

Medical Assisting Programs in North CarolinaNorth Carolina Medical Assisting Programs

Below, we have listed schools alphabetically. We encourage you to bookmark this page to notice any updates that we may do.

Alamance Community College features two options for students to get their medical assistant education. While both end in Associate Degrees, students have the flexibility to attend classes either during the day or evening.

If you attend during the day, you can graduate within two years. For those that take just evening classes, your training and education can actually extend into a fourth year.

AB Tech offers both a diploma and Associate’s degree for medical assistant students. Should you be interested in the degree program, and if you are a North Carolina resident, tuition will cost full-time students $1,144.00 per semester, while part-time students have to pay $71.50 per credit hour. You’ll also have to pay for things like textbooks, uniforms, and other supplies, as well.

  • Brookstone College – Charlotte, NC
    Medical Assisting Program
    10125 Berkeley Place Dr
    Charlotte, NC – 28262

This college offers a certificate program in medical assisting. The program itself is designed to last 70 weeks and will cost you $19,455 in tuition and related fees. It’s important to realize that you’ll also have to pay $1,606 for textbooks and other related supplies pertaining to the course itself.

Cabarrus offers a diploma and Associate’s degree to students in their medical assisting program. The certificate program is 11 months long and students will have to pay $13,875 for tuition and other fees. And if you’re wondering how much it will cost to get your textbooks, the school’s disclosure pages states that books and other supplies will cost $1,000.

The diploma program at Carteret was designed to be completed in one year’s time, though it can take some students longer. Here’s how the cost of the program breaks down.

  1. Students in-state will pay $3,209.25 for tuition.
  2. Students out-of-state will pay $12,223.25 for tuition.
  3. Textbooks and other supplies: $4,480.00.

Financial aid is available, as well.

The medical assisting diploma program at Central Carolina Community College is a 17 month-long program. It will cost you approximately $3,123 for tuition and fees. On top of that, you’re also expected to pay $923 for textbooks and other supplies.

Room and board is not an option at this particular college.

At the Lillington campus, students can take 17 months to earn a diploma, or they can stay in the program for approximately two years and earn an Associate’s in Applied Science degree in Medical Assisting.

Also, if you’re interested in the school’s medical assistant program, you can contact the program’s director Anne Davis-Johnson.

Central Piedmont features a diploma program in medical assisting, as well as a degree track. The diploma program will take full-time students 3 semesters to finish.

  • College of the Albemarle – Elizabeth City, NC
    Medical Assisting Program
    1208 N Road St
    PO Box 2327
    Elizabeth City, NC – 27906-2327

The College of Albemarle has a certificate program that takes 12 months to complete. The program costs $1,998 for tuition and related fees, and then another $1,000 for things like textbooks and other necessary supplies.

  • Craven Community College – New Bern, NC
    Medical Assisting Program
    800 College Court
    Perdue Building F-120
    New Bern, NC – 28562-4984

Craven requires 46 semester hours to earn your diploma, while 72 hours are required to earn your Associate’s degree.

Davidson has a diploma program in medical assisting, as well as an Associate’s degree program. The degree program will take you two years to complete.

The medical assistant course at Durham features classes in things like Drug Therapy, Medical Insurance Coding, and Medical Law and Ethics.

Edgecombe offers students an opportunity to earn a degree for their hard work inside the schools MA program.

ECPI offers students an Associate’s degree track that will take you approximately 17 months to complete school. The cost of the program will be $25,880, as it pertains to tuition and fees. Textbooks and other supplies will be an additional $1,494.

At Concord, just like at the Charlotte campus of ECPI, students can enroll in a program that, if completed successfully, will earn them an Associate’s degree and have them better prepared to secure a job on the job market.

All of the ECPI campuses, including the one located Greensboro, seem to offer an Associate’s degree path for medical assistant students.

Just like the Charlotte campus, Raleigh offers students a 17-month long degree program in medical assisting.

Gaston offers a 74 credit-hour medical assisting program that results in an Associate’s degree for those that complete the two-year course successfully.

74 credit hours are required by students to earn an Associate’s degree. You will also have to participate in an externship during your Spring Semester II.

At Haywood, it will take students two years to finish the degree program. The program expands over the course of five semesters. And courses with laboratory components must be completed on campus, there are online classes that can be taken at the Haywood medical assistant program.

The school also features a “Medical Assisting Club,” where students support one another and those enrolled in the MA program can go on field trips together, raise funds for the community, and participate in campus activities together.

The program at James Sprunt is one that requires 75 semester credit hours and takes place over the course of five semesters.

  • Johnston Community College – Smithfield, NC
    Medical Assisting Program
    PO Box 2350
    245 College Road
    Smithfield, NC – 27577-2350

You can earn a diploma or Associate’s degree at Johnston. You can also attend full-time or part-time.

Should you want to earn a diploma, you will enroll in a course that consists of a Fall and Spring semester, as well as one Summer session (this is where you will participate in your externship).

The degree program takes two years to complete, so you will enroll in a four-semester course that also includes one summer session lodged in between both years. That summer session, just like the diploma track program, is where you will take part in your medical assistant externship.

  • King’s College – Charlotte, NC
    Medical Assisting Program
    322 Lamar Ave
    Charlotte, NC – 28204-2436

You can earn a diploma or an Associate’s degree in medical assisting here at King’s. The diploma program takes at least ten months to complete, while the degree program takes 16 months.

The diploma program costs approximately $18,650 for tuition and fees. Textbooks and more will cost you an additional $1,530. What’s nice here, too, is that room and board is offered if you need it. And if you do need to stay on campus, that will be an additional $8,075.

As for the degree track, students should expect to pay $29,360 for tuition and other related charges. Textbooks are of course an additional charge, costing students about $2,105 (this includes other supplies, as well).

Those that need to live on campus need to set aside approximately $12,920 for room and board. Financial aid can be available for those that require it, as well.

  • Lenoir Community College – Kinston, NC
    Medical Assisting Program
    PO Box 188
    231 Highway 58 South
    Kinston, NC – 28502-0188

At Lenoir, you can take classes that will ultimately allow you to earn an Associate’s degree.

  • Living Arts College – Raleigh, NC
    Medical Assisting Program
    3000 Wakefield Crossing Drive
    Raleigh, NC – 27614-7076

Living Arts is proud of the fact that you can graduate their program within months, not years. With that said, their website doesn’t immediately indicate how long their training program will take you to complete, nor how much it might cost for tuition, fees, textbooks, or related supplies.

At the Winston-Salem, the school offers a medical assistant program, as well as one in medical administration and medical billing and coding.

  • Martin Community College – Williamston, NC
    Medical Assisting Program
    1161 Kehukee Park Rd
    Williamston, NC – 27892-8307

Students that attend Martin can earn an A.A.S. degree in medical assisting. This is a five semester course that will conclude with your medical clinical externship.

  • Mayland Community College – Spruce Pine, NC
    Medical Assisting Program
    200 Mayland Drive
    PO Box 547
    Spruce Pine, NC – 28777

Maryland Community offers a diploma program—which is three semesters—and a degree program consisting of five semesters. If you’re interested in the diploma program, it will take at least twelve months to complete.

Tuition will cost you $3,429 (as well as other fees), and books and supplies will be an additional $1,500.

To earn an Associate’s degree here at the Cary campus, you will have to be enrolled in the program at least 72 weeks and see it through its successful completion. Tuition and fees will cost you $28,059, while texts and supplies will cost you $6,400.

Raliegh’s campus does indeed have an Associate’s degree program, just like Cary. And just like Miller-Motte’s Cary campus, the Raliegh campus is also a 72-week program.

With that said, the cost of the schools are slightly different. Here, tuition and other fees will now be $28,731, while textbooks and other required supplies will cost students $4,800.

Despite being the same school, the Wilmington campus has different prices for their medical assisting program. While the program is still a 72 week-long program, tuition and fees will cost you $29,136 (approximately), while textbooks and other important supplies will be $5,200.

At Mitchell, the diploma program requires 48 credit hours, will the A.A.S. degree requires 69 credit hours.

At Montgomery, students can earn either a certificate or Associate’s degree. The certificate requires 16 semester hours, while the degree requires 75 semester hours.

  • Nash Community College – Rocky Mount, NC
    Medical Assisting Program
    522 North Old Carriage Road
    PO Box 7488
    Rocky Mount, NC – 27804-0488

Students here can enroll in a diploma program, and here’s how costs typically break down. According to the college, tuition and activity fees and based on per-credit hour.

In short, the max per semester (as it pertains to the 2013-2014 year at the very least), was $1,192 for students in-state and $4,264 for students out-of-state.

  • Pamlico Community College – Grantsboro, NC
    Medical Assisting Program
    PO Box 185
    5049 Highway 306 South
    Grantsboro, NC – 28529-0185

Pamlico offers students the opportunity to achieve either a diploma or degree in the field of medical assisting.   You can also sit for the Certified Medical Assistant examination after successful completion of your program. CMAs are recognized, and respected, nationally by many employers.

You can earn an Associate’s degree over the course of five semesters at Piedmont.

  • Pitt Community College – Greenville, NC
    Medical Assisting Program
    Highway 11 South
    P O Box Drawer 7007
    Greenville, NC – 27835-7007

Pitt Community offers a MA program, and once you complete it, you will be eligible to sit for the CMA exam. Should you pass that successfully, you will earn the credential of Certified Medical Assistant, which should help you stand out from your peers in the job market.

Richmond offers students a certificate course, as well as a AAS degree program. Here is the program’s completion guide, which outlines the prerequisites and other requirements you must take in their MA program.

  • South College-Asheville – Asheville, NC
    Medical Assisting Program
    140 Sweeten Creek Drive
    Asheville, NC – 28803

South College in Asheville has something that’s called a Medical Assisting 1+1 program, and you can earn either a certificate or a degree (if you decide to stay in school a bit longer to pursue it).

While the certificate program can take about one year to complete, the degree program will take you at least 24 months. The cost of tuition and fees will be about $46,600, while textbooks and other supplies needed for class will be an additional $2,672.

South Piedmont provides you with Medical Assistant classes (diploma and degree tracks), and even a Medical Laboratory Assistant Certificate, as well.

The diploma program will take about one year and is three semesters long. The degree program is two years long and features four semesters.

Like at many schools, here at SCC in Sylva, you can earn either a certificate or an A.A.S degree. The certificate program is one that is offered online, while the degree program isn’t and requires 75 total credits (minimum).

  • Stanly Community College – Locust, NC
    Medical Assisting Program
    Crutchfield Education Center
    102 Stanly Parkway
    Locust, NC – 28097

Stanly offers a certificate program, as well as a degree program for those interested in pursuing medical assisting. Should you be interested in the certificate program, it’s important to note that the program is designed to last for one year.

On top of that, tuition and related fees is approximately $1,411, while textbooks and other supplies are $1,613.

Over the course of four semesters and two years, students at Surry Community College can pursue an AAS degree in Medical Assisting. The average age of students at Surry is 24.

At Tri County, students can earn a medical assisting diploma. And while part-time students are welcome, full-time students can complete the program in two semesters and one single summer term.

This is the Frankly County campus is Louisburg, North Carolina. Here, students can enroll in either a diploma or degree program. Diploma programs typically last approximately one year, while Associate degrees typically take about two years to complete.

Wake Tech offers students a diploma program, which takes about one year to complete. Should you want to exit school with a degree, you can enroll in an Associate’s degree program, which takes students two years to complete.

The total program cost for the MA program at Wake Tech is $4,800. This price includes the cost of tuition, fees, insurance, uniforms, textbooks, supplies, and more.

At Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, students can pursue an Associate’s degree. But admission to the program is limited, especially since classes typically contain between just 20 and 25 students.

71 total credit hours are required to earn your Associate’s degree.

Western Piedmont provides you with a chance to earn either a diploma or degree. A diploma will take you about 12 months to complete, while the tuition and fees will cost you approximately $2,167. Textbooks and other supplies will cost you $2,000.

For those that want a degree, understand that it will not only take you longer to achieve, but cost you more money. Although the college doesn’t provide specific prices, we do know that students will be in school at least two years to earn a degree.

  • Wilkes Community College – Wilkesboro, NC
    Medical Assisting Program
    1328 South Collegiate Drive
    Wilkesboro, NC – 28697-0120

At Wikes Community, students can pursue a diploma in medical assisting. If you choose to go this route, you should know that the program takes about one year to complete.

How much does tuition and fees cost? Approximately $3,022.

How much do textbooks and other related supplies (uniforms, for example) cost? Approximately $1,575.

Room and board is not offered at Wilkes.

Disclaimer: All information, statistics, data, guidelines, and requirements regarding each school or program listed above was originally found on the respective school or program’s official website in 2014 and can often be estimates.   Any or all schools or programs can change their information, statistics, data, guidelines, or requirements at any time without warning.  While we do our best to keep information on this page up-to-date, some or all information listed above may have changed or may no longer be accurate.  Please do you own due diligence and research before inquiring about or applying to any school or program.