In this article, we will discover the medical assistant schools you can apply to in Minnesota. Along with just the school’s name and address, we’ll also provide you with program information pertaining to tuition, class size and length, potential financial aid options and what kind of job placement prospects graduate can expect once the program concludes.

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Listed alphabetically, you can search for a MA (Medical Assistant) program below.

  • Academy College – Bloomington, MNOur List of Medical Assistant Programs in Minnesota
    Medical Assisting Program
    1101 E. 78th Street
    Suite 100
    Bloomington, MN – 55420-1402

This certificate program is designed to last twelve months. The medical assistant tuition cost is $20,590, although that doesn’t include the cost for textbooks and other related supplies.

  • Anoka Technical College – Anoka, MN
    Medical Assisting Program
    1355 W Highway 10
    Anoka, MN – 55303-1590

At Anoka, you can earn either a medical assisting certificate or an Associate’s Degree. You can take classes either full-time, part-time, or even on the weekend.

The degree course is a 60 credit program, while the diploma program is 56 credits.

  • Anthem College – St. Louis Park
    5100 Gamble Drive, Suite 200
    St. Louis Park, MN 55416

Anthem provides you with a diploma program that will take 42 weeks to finish. At this medical assisting program, you will be asked to pay $15,329 for tuition and fees, and then an additional $196 for class textbooks.

  • Argosy University-Twin Cities Campus – Eagan, MN
    Medical Assisting Program
    1515 Central Parkway
    Eagan, MN – 55121

Argosy affords you the chance to earn an Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting. But the price for tuition isn’t cheap or budgeted. At present, the cost of tuition is $34,819, and it will take you 17 months to finish your training and education.

  • Central Lakes College – Staples, MN
    Medical Assisting Program
    1830 Airport Rd
    Staples, MN – 56479

At Central Lakes College in Staples Minnesota, students can enroll in either a program that concludes with a diploma, or one that results in an Associate’s Degree.

If you want to simply acquire a diploma—maybe because you want to get through school at a faster pace, you will have to pay $7,910 for tuition and another $1,907 for books.

As for the length of school, be prepared to be in the course for at least sixteen months. By contrast, if you were pursuing an Associate’s Degree, the program would last 24 months.

  • Century College – White Bear Lake, MN
    Medical Assisting Program
    3300 Century Ave North
    White Bear Lake, MN – 55110-1842

The medical assistant diploma program at Century requires 48 credit hours. In total, the program is designed to last 21 months.

The course itself will cost approximately $8,576, and there are additional fees for textbooks and other supplies that will run you $1,830.

  • Dakota County Technical College – Rosemount, MN
    Medical Assisting Program
    1300 145th St E
    County Road 42
    Rosemount, MN – 55068-2932

A lot of medical assistant schools are beginning to offer students much more flexibility in terms of how they get their education, and Dakota County in Rosemount is no different.

Here, you can not only pursue a diploma program, but get an Associate’s Degree in MA, as well. So what makes this school so different, then? Well, in addition to getting on-campus training, you can also take online classes, as well.

In fact, both daytime and online classes are offered at this particular college.

The diploma program is 42-credit hours, while the degree program is 60 credit hours.

  • Duluth Business University – Duluth, MN
    Medical Assisting Program
    4724 Mike Colalillo Dr
    Duluth, MN – 55807-2723

Duluth Business provides both diploma and degree programs.   Now, if you prefer the diploma program, here’s the cost breakdown:

Tuition will cost you $28,120.

Books will cost you $2,735.

Lab fees will cost you $1,065.

Total: $31,920.

If you prefer the degree program, here’s how the cost shakes out:

Tuition cost: $39,520.

Book cost: $3,635.

Lab fee cost: $1,065.

Total spent: $44,220.

  • Everest Institute – Eagan
    1000 Blue Gentian Road, Suite 250
    Eagan, MN 55121

Everest Institute in Egan, Minnesota has recently closed its doors.

Globe University offers students the ability to acquire either a diploma or Associate’s Degree. As far as program cost, the school charges on a per-credit basis for tuition overall. If you attend full time, tuition costs $390 per credit. If you attend part-time, tuition can cost $460 per credit.

And in terms of school length, students can graduate in as little as 15 months, depending on what program track you choose.

  • Globe University – Moorhead
    2777 34th Street South
    Moorhead, MN 56560

It should be noted, too, that Globe University doesn’t just stand out because of their academics. Their career services helps it’s students as they prepare to graduate in a big way.

In fact, at Globe, students will be aided with writing their resume and cover letters. On top of that, career services will set up “mock interviews” for you, allowing you to get insight into what employers may ask job applicants, and better help you gain a strategic advantage when it comes to your first job interview.

  • Hennepin Technical College – Eden Prairie, MN
    Medical Assisting Program
    13100 Collegeview Drive
    Eden Prairie, MN – 55347-2600

The average salary for medical assistants in Minnesota is approximately $15.61 per hour, and at Hennepin Tech, the school prepares you to earn the money that this job provides its hard working employees.

The school, which provides an Associate in Applied Sciences Degree, is a 60-credit hour program. Pre-requisite courses include Human Biology, CPR/First Aid, COMM Courses and more.

  • Lake Superior College – Duluth, MN
    Medical Assisting Program
    2101 Trinity Rd
    Duluth , MN – 55811-3349

Lake Superior provides students with a diploma program that requires between 38 and 43 credit hours. The program itself lasts sixteen months.

Tuition cost and fees will be $6,443, while textbooks will be an additional $1,900.

  • Minneapolis Business College – Roseville, MN
    Medical Assisting Program
    1711 County Road B W
    Ste 100N
    Roseville, MN – 55113-4024

MBC offers two educational pathways for their medical assisting program. The first leads to a diploma, and this is a ten month program. The second leads to an Associate’s degree, and this is a 16-month program.

Here is how the costs for both programs breaks down. For the diploma program, when you include tuition, books, and other related fees, students can expect to pay $20,375.

By contrast, since the Associate’s degree program is longer (and you receive a degree and not a diploma), the total projected cost of your education will be $32,255.

  • Minnesota West Community and Technical College – Luverne, MN
    Medical Assisting Program
    311 North Spring St
    Luverne, MN – 56156

MWCTC provides students with both a diploma and a degree program.

The diploma program is a 16-month long program that is 44 credit hours. Students can be expected to pay $8,296 for tuition and $1,760 for books and supplies.

Minnesota West doesn’t list the details of their degree program, but it can be expected that it’s considerably longer in length (likely just shy of two years) and more expensive than the diploma program.

Once graduated, you will be eligible for national certification by taking the Certified Medical Assistant examination provided by the American Association of Medical Assistants.

The Minnesota School of Business has a handful of campuses (listed below) located in Minnesota. The medical assistant program at these schools offer an Associate’s Degree upon successful completion.

  • Minnesota School of Business – Rochester
    2521 Pennington Drive NW
    Rochester, MN 55901

One of the aspects of the degree program at MSB is that students learn how to take and assess X-Ray’s, and overall study Radiology. This is unique, as it gives students an additional education in an area that is important to understand once you graduate and enter the job market.

  • Minnesota School of Business – St. Cloud
    1201 2nd Street South
    Waite Park, MN 56387

Speaking of the job market, MSB prepares you to stand out amongst your peers. How? Well, with an education in not just medical assisting but also Radiology, you will be able to have your resume stand out against your competitors, as many of them will not have much X-Ray related education.

  • Minnesota School of Business – Brooklyn Center
    5910 Shingle Creek Parkway
    Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

Once you graduate from this school, you will be eligible to sit for two certifications. The first is the CMA exam offered by the AAMA. The second is the Limited Score of Practice in Radiology examination, which is provided by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (or ARRT).

  • Minnesota School of Business – Lakeville
    17685 Juniper Path
    Lakeville, MN 55044

The Associate’s degree in medical assisting can be earned in approximately 21 months (assuming you attend full-time).

  • Minnesota School of Business – Blaine
    3680 Pheasant Ridge Drive NE
    Blaine, MN 55449

Medical assistant training at Minnesota School of Business breaks down like this: Tuition and related fees will be $35,880. Textbooks and other supplies will be $2,565.

  • Minnesota School of Business – Elk River
    11500 193rd Avenue NW
    Elk River, MN 55330

Lastly, it should be noted that although the program is designed to last 21 months, it is possible that each individual student’s experience is different, and that it may take one longer to complete the program.

  • National American University- Bloomington, MN
    Medical Assisting Program
    7801 Metro Parkway
    Suite 200
    Bloomington, MN – 55425

National American University has three campuses that offer a medical assisting degree. At Bloomington, as well as Brooklyn Center and Roseville, prospective students should know that the program itself is designed to be 104 weeks long, which is about two years.

  • National American University- Brooklyn Center, MN
    Medical Assisting Program
    6200 Shingle Creek Parkway
    Suite 130
    Brooklyn Center, MN – 55430

In addition to how long you’ll be in school, you likely want to know how much it will cost. Tuition is estimated to be $36,544, while books and supplies are $3,600.

  • National American University- Roseville, MN
    Medical Assisting Program
    7801 Metro Parkway
    Suite 200
    Bloomington, MN – 55425

Satellite / Multiple Campuses: Bloomington, MN

  • Rasmussen College – Lake Elmo, MN
    Medical Assisting Program
    8565 Eagle Point Circle
    Lake Elmo , MN – 55042-8637

Rasmussen College offers medical assistant diplomas and degrees at eight different campus locations.

At Lake Elmo, like seven others in Minnesota, students can enroll in a diploma program (15 months to complete) or a degree program (19 months to complete).

  • Rasmussen College – Moorhead, MN
    Medical Assisting Program
    1250 29th Ave. South
    Moorhead, MN – 56560-5058

What students like about Rasmussen is that the school is flexible. You can learn how you want to learn.

That means that the school offers three different education options. One, you can go the traditional route and attend on-campus classes. Second, you can attend online classes if you’re someone who is extremely busy. Or, third, you can do what the college calls the “Blended” track, which means you can take a hybrid of online and on-campus courses to round out your education.

It should be noted that it’s always best to check with the school for more details, as some programs may have more or less education options than others.

  • Rasmussen College – Blaine
    3629 95th Avenue NE
    Blaine, MN 55014

The diploma program at RC is 60 credit hours, while the degree program is 91 credit hours.

  • Rasmussen College – Bloomington
    4400 West 78th Street
    Bloomington, MN 55435
  • Rasmussen College – Brooklyn Park
    8301 93rd Avenue North
    Brooklyn Park, MN 55445
  • Rasmussen College – Eagan
  • 3500 Federal Drive
    Eagan, MN 55122
  • Rasmussen College – Mankato
  • 130 Saint Andrews Drive
    Mankato, MN 56001
  • Rasmussen College – Saint Cloud
    226 Park Avenue South
    Saint Cloud, MN 56301
  • Ridgewater College – Willmar, MN
    Medical Assisting Program
    2101 15th Ave Northwest
    PO Box 1097
    Willmar , MN – 56201

Ridgewater College offers students a diploma and Associate’s degree path for their education. If you opt for the diploma program (49 credits), you can expect to graduate in as little as 21 months. Tuition and fees will cost $8,804 while textbooks and such will be $1,797.

  • South Central College – North Mankato, MN
    Medical Assisting Program
    1920 Lee Blvd
    North Mankato, MN – 56003-2504
    Satellite / Multiple Campuses: Faribault, MN

South Central College in North Mankato offers students an Associate’s Degree program.

Disclaimer: All information, statistics, data, guidelines, and requirements regarding each school or program listed above was originally found on the respective school or program’s official website in 2014 and can often be estimates.   Any or all schools or programs can change their information, statistics, data, guidelines, or requirements at any time without warning.  While we do our best to keep information on this page up-to-date, some or all information listed above may have changed or may no longer be accurate.  Please do you own due diligence and research before inquiring about or applying to any school or program.