In this article, you will learn what schools in Washington offer medical assistants the training necessary to graduate with either a diploma or Associate’s degree. While we list schools alphabetically, we also provide the estimated cost for tuition and related fees, as well as how many months (or years) it might take to graduate the program.

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At Carrington, you can enroll in a certificate program that takes 41 weeks long to complete. The tuition and fees are $14,287 and the books and supplies are an additional $859.

  • Clark College – Vancouver, WA
    Medical Assisting Program
    1800 E. McLoughlin Blvd
    Vancouver, WA – 98663-3598
    Degrees: Certificate

At Clark College, if you want to pursue a certificate in medical assisting, it’s important to note that you will likely need to be in school for at least 18 months. Tuition and fees will cost you approximately $6,923, while any textbooks or supplies will be an additional $1,607.

  • Columbia Basin College – Pasco, WA
    Medical Assisting Program
    2600 North 20th Avenue
    Pasco, WA – 99301-3379
    Degrees: Certificate
    Degrees: Diploma

Columbia Basin College provides students with two tracks in medical assisting: The first is the Medical Assistant One-Year Certificate, as well as an Associate in Applied Science in Medical Assisting.

  1. Total credits required for the certificate program? 72 to 74 credits.
  2. Total credits required for the Associate’s degree program? 92-94 credits.

At the Everett campus, students can earn a diploma within 41 weeks—although it may take you longer. You will need to pay $18,705 for tuition and fees, and then another $2,027 for things like textbooks and supplies.

At Renton, while the certificate or diploma program is estimated to take approximately 41 weeks, the tuition and student fees are a bit cheaper. While Everett’s price is over $18,000 (listed above), students at Renton are expected to pay $17,646.

The price for textbooks and supplies at Renton is about the same as Everett, coming in at $2,036.

This 41-week long program results in a diploma for successful graduates. Tuition and related fees come to $17,646, while books and supplies equate to $1,956.

This diploma program will cost you about $21,000 to attend. That’s because tuition and fees for things like registration and liability insurance come to $19,058, while textbooks and supplies cost an additional $2,016.

  • Everett Community College – Everett, WA
    Medical Assisting Program
    2000 Tower St
    Everett, WA – 98201-1390
    Degrees: Certificate

Everett offers both a certificate program, as well as an Associate in Technical Arts degree. The certificate program requires 83 total credits, while the degree program requires students to complete 90 credits.

For those looking for more specific and concrete numbers, know that students are expected to stay in school about 21 months just to earn the certificate in medical assisting.

Tuition and fees will be $9,700, while textbooks and supplies will be an additional $1,800.

  • Highline Community College – Des Moines, WA
    Medical Assisting Program
    PO Box 98000
    Mail Stop 29-3
    Des Moines, WA – 98198-9800
    Degrees: Associate

Highline offers both a Associate’s degree track, as well as a chance for students to simply earn a certificate. The acquire the degree, you must complete 90 total credits, while the certificate requires 82 credits.

Here are the three different MA-related courses you can take at Lake Washington Institute of Technology.

  • Medical Assisting AAS (90 credits, 6 quarters)
  • Medical Assisting Certificate of Proficiency (85 credits, 6 quarters)
  • Medical Assisting Office Administration Certificate of Completion (30 credits, 3 quarters; this program also costs approximately $4,000)
  • Lower Columbia College – Longview, WA
    Medical Assisting Program
    1600 Maple St
    Longview, WA – 98632-3907
    Degrees: Certificate

If you want to pursue a medical assistant certificate program at Lower Columbia, you should expect to be in school at least 51 weeks. Tuition and fees are expected to be $7,117, while textbooks and supplies equate to $1,840.

  • North Seattle College – Seattle, WA
    Medical Assisting Program
    9600 College Way North
    Seattle, WA – 98103-3599
    Degrees: Certificate

The MA program here at North Seattle is estimated to be at least 6 quarters long and requires 70 credits. At the conclusion of the program, you will be asked to participate in an externship program.

The school also offers short-certificate options like Clinical Lab Assisting, Medical Reception, Medical Office Administration and more.

  • Olympic College – Bremerton, WA
    Medical Assisting Program
    1600 Chester Ave
    Bremerton, WA – 98337-1600
    Degrees: Certificate

Offering students a certificate program that requires 62+ credits, Olympic asks students to pay the cost of tuition, student fees, textbooks, and supplies. While the college doesn’t list the actual price of the tuition on their website, we do know the prices of a few items such as:

Background check: $64.00
Accuplacer test: $20.00
Malpractice Insurance: $14.85
Liability Insurance: $2.50

There are also a variety of immunizations (MMR, TB Test, Influenza, etc) that you will be required to get before you begin your externship.

At Pima, the estimated cost of the MA certificate program is $13,029 for tuition.

Just like Renton, those that enroll at PMI’s Seattle campus will be asked to pay $13,029 for tuition.

  • Renton Technical College – Renton, WA
    Medical Assisting Program
    3000 NE Fourth Street
    Renton, WA – 98056-4195
    Degrees: Certificate

The program options at Renton Tech are as follows:

You can earn a certificate
You can earn an Associate’s degree
Associate Transfer degree

For those that want to pursue a certificate, the program lasts at least twelve months. Students will be asked to pay approximately $9,000 for the program, a price that does indeed include tuition and textbooks.

Providing a certificate program to its students, the Seattle Vocational Institute’s medical assisting program takes approximately 12 months to complete.

Tuition and fees are about $6,736, while textbooks and required supplies equate to $1,368. Room and board is not an option here.

  • Skagit Valley College – Mt. Vernon, WA
    Medical Assisting Program
    2405 E College Way
    Mount Vernon, WA – 98273-5899
    Degrees: Certificate, Degree

You can earn either a certificate or ATA degree in medical assisting at Skagit Valley. Both are 6 quarter programs, although the degree requires 95 credits, while the certificate program requires just 85 credits.

Admission dates for the ATA program is solely in the Fall quarter, while the certificate program’s admission dates are the Fall and Spring quarters.

Here, you can earn a Certificate of Completion (79 credits) or an Associate’s Degree 90 credits). While the tuition prices are listed on the school’s website, there are additional expenses regarding the program that students are responsible for paying.

For example, textbooks and supplies will be an additional $800, while immunizations for things like Hepatitis B, MMR and DTap will be $350.

  • Spokane Community College – Spokane, WA
    Medical Assisting Program
    1810 N Greene St
    Spokane, WA – 99217-5399
    Degrees: Certificate, Degree

At Spokane, a certificate can be earned in as little as 4 quarters (12 months or so), while an Associate’s degree will take at least seven (almost a year).

The certificate program will cost a total of about $7,000. That price includes a cost of $5,614 for tuition and fees, and about $1,450 for textbooks and supplies.

Requiring 62.8 credits to graduate, this certificate program lasts four quarters (or about one year).

  • Wenatchee Valley College – Wenatchee, WA
    Medical Assisting Program
    1300 Fifth St
    Wenatchee, WA – 98801-1741
    Degrees: Certificate

The certificate MA program is limited enrollment and lasts about one year or four quarters.

  • Whatcom Community College – Bellingham, WA
    Medical Assisting Program
    237 West Kellogg Road
    Bellingham, WA – 98226-8033
    Degrees: Certificate, Degree

At Whatcom, students can pursue a path towards a certificate or degree in medical assisting. Those more interested in the certificate should know that the program is designed to last at least 21 months. Tuition and fees will cost the typical full-time student about $7,112, while textbooks and supplies will cost an additional $2,138.

Students can enroll in the school’s certificate program, or push further towards the Medical Assisting AAS program. Accepting 30 students per year, students must complete a total of 94 credits.

Conversely, the certificate track only requires that 66 credits be completed.

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