Please use this article to help decipher which school in Oregon you deem best to acquire the skills necessary to become a great medical assistant. Below, we break down schools based on everything from how long a program could theoretically last to how much it may cost (factoring in tuition, application fees, textbooks, and more).

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Below, we have listed a bunch of different programs alphabetically. We have plans to update this post in the future, so feel free to check back often for more details.

  • Anthem College – Beaverton
    4145 SW Watson Avenue
    Beaverton, OR 97005

The medical assisting diploma will take you 41 weeks to complete, although it can take students a bit longer. On top of that, tuition and fees at the Beaverton campus will be $15,387, while textbook and supplies will cost an additional $276.

The medical assisting program at Central Oregon Community College will take you at least 15 months to finish. But how much will it cost you? Well, if you add up everything that goes into a program’s cost (tuition, fees, supplies, textbooks), students should expect to pay approximately $11,000. Be sure to check with the school to see if financial aid is available.

  • Clackamas Community College – Milwaukie, OR
    Medical Assisting Program
    7738 Southeast Harmony Rd
    Milwaukie, OR – 97222-1269
    Degrees: Certificate

The medical/clinical assistant program at Clackamas will take you approximately 33 weeks to finish. At its conclusion, you will earn a certificate.

Tuition and other fees comes out to $6,166; Textbooks and other important supplies will be $2,745.

The certificate program at CGCC requires students to complete 47 total credit hours.

  • Concorde Career CollegePortland, OR
    Medical Assisting Program
    1425 NE Irving Street
    Portland, OR – 97232
    Degrees: Diploma

The medical assisting program at Concorde is a 30-week long program. It will cost students $15,027 (for tuition and fees), as well as $1,095 for textbooks and supplies.

  • Everest CollegePortland, OR
    Medical Assisting Program
    425 SW Washington St
    Portland, OR – 97204-2241
    Degrees: Diploma

Students at the Portland campus at Everest College should note that you will likely be in school for at least 60 weeks. Your tuition and other important fees (application fee, certification exam fee, etc) will cost $29,700. You also have to pay for textbooks and other supplies (things like uniforms, for example), which cost $3,920.

This 41 week long diploma program will cost med assistant students approximately $16,500. This price includes things like tuition, supplies, textbooks and more.

  • Heald CollegePortland, OR
    Medical Assisting Program
    6035 NE 78th Court
    Portland, OR – 97218
    Degrees: Diploma

Heald allows students to earn either a diploma or an Associate’s degree in medical assisting. If you’re interested in the diploma program, it will take you 44 weeks to complete. Tuition and fees will cost students about $20,560 and you should expect that any textbooks or supplies you may need will cost you $2,000 as well.

By contrast, the Associate’s degree track will cost students over $50,000 (including fees, tuition, supplies, and textbooks). And, as you would expect, the program will be significantly longer (88 weeks).

  • Lane Community College – Eugene, OR
    Medical Assisting Program
    4000 E 30th Ave
    Family and Health Careers
    Eugene, OR – 97405-0640
    Degrees: Certificate

Lane Community provides students with a Medical Office Assisting program. It’s a one-year certificate program. The estimated cost of the program is $9,830, a price that includes tuition, student fees, books, supplies and program costs. Room and board is not offered.

Students can earn an Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting degree at Linn Benton.

  • Portland Community CollegePortland, OR
    Medical Assisting Program
    705 N Killingsworth St
    Cascade Campus, Building JH, Room 208A
    Portland, OR – 97217-2332
    Degrees: Certificate

At Portland Community, enrolled students are able to complete the medical assistant program in approximately 9 months—although it may take longer for some.

The cost of the program comes to about $5,300. This price includes over $4,000 for tuition and student fees alone, and over $1,000 for textbooks and other important supplies.

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