In this article, we will provide you with a variety of medical assisting programs in Tennessee. The goal is to present how much tuition costs (an approximated number based on gainful employment data listed on each school’s website), how many months (or years) a program can last, and whether or not you’ll have the opportunity to earn a degree should you so desire.

Medical Assisting School ListingsSeek Out Schools in Tennessee to Pursue Medical Assisting

Below, we provide a list of schools in alphabetical order. Please bookmark our page to be aware of whether or not a school is added or removed from this list.

Chattanooga State provides students with a technical diploma in medical assisting. A total of 1290 clock hours are required for graduation, and you will be in school for a Fall and Spring semester, as well as a summer semester too.

At Cleveland State, the school offers students a chance to earn an A.A.S. degree in the medical assisting concentration.

At Fortis, diplomas are provided to students that have completed a program that takes 36 weeks to finish. Tuition and fees will cost $13,281 while textbooks and supplies will be an additional $721.

At Clarksville, students can enroll in a Medical Office Assisting or Medical Assisting program. The Medical Office Assisting program will take at least 48 weeks to complete and cost a total over $19,000. The Medical Assisting program will result in an Associate’s degree for students, and is designed to take 72 weeks.

Tuition and fees costs $25,560, while textbooks and supplies come to $4,800.

Miller-Motte Tech also has a couple MA programs at their Chattanooga campus. Offering both a Medical Office Assisting program, as well as an MA Associate’s degree program, it takes students the same amount of time to complete the program in Chattanooga as it does in Clarksville.

At Bartlett, NCBT offers both a Medical Office Assistant (diploma) program, as well as a Medical Assistant (Associate) program.

The Medical Office Assistant course will take you 7 months to complete and cost approximately $11,557 for tuition and fees. Textbooks and supplies will be an additional $2,025.

The Medical Assisting Associate’s degree course is much different, however. Students should expect to be in school at least 19 months. Prices for tuition and fees are estimated at $30,972, while textbooks and supplies (uniforms, for example) are $5,400.

At the Madison campus, students can earn either a certificate in Medical Office Assisting or an Associate’s degree.

Students can earn a certificate or an Associate’s degree. Should you be interested in pursuing the degree, it will take you just under two years in Memphis (should you graduate on-time).

Students can earn an Associate’s degree in Nashville that will take approximately 19 months to complete.

Here in Bristol, students can earn a certificate but it will be in Medical Office Assisting and take you approximately seven months. By contrast, those that want a degree will have to be in school at least nineteen months.

In National College in Knoxville, this particular campus is no different than the other campuses all throughout Tennessee in terms of what they offers students that are interested in pursuing a medical assistant certificate or degree.

Ross Medical has medical assistant program in a variety of different states, one of them being in Johnson City, TN.

At South College, the medical/clinical assistant program is designed to take 24 months. To earn your Associate’s degree, tuition and fees will cost approximately $46,600. You will also need to pay for textbooks and supplies, as well, and will be expected to pay $3,054.

You will also be required to complete a practicum that is 200 hours in length. This will be unpaid, however.

In Knoxville, students can earn a diploma in as little as 12 months (though it may take a little while longer). The program will cost approximately $4,000. This cost includes the cost of tuition, student fees, any required textbooks, and significant supplies for your training.

The diploma program here at TCAT in McMinnville takes students about 12 months to complete. This equates to 1296 required clock hours.

How much does the program cost? $3,177 for tuition and fees. $2,602 for textbooks and supplies.

In Chattanooga, students can earn either a diploma or an Associate’s degree. The certificate/diploma program (which requires 60 credit hours) will take you at least 55 weeks to complete. The program will cost $22,600 to complete.

By contrast, the degree program will cost $36,100 (including tuition, fees, books and supplies) and is designed to take 88 weeks to complete.

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Disclaimer: All information, statistics, data, guidelines, and requirements regarding each school or program listed above was originally found on the respective school or program’s official website in 2014 and can often be estimates.   Any or all schools or programs can change their information, statistics, data, guidelines, or requirements at any time without warning.  While we do our best to keep information on this page up-to-date, some or all information listed above may have changed or may no longer be accurate.  Please do you own due diligence and research before inquiring about or applying to any school or program.