In the article you are about to read, we will list the schools available in North Dakota that provide a medical assistant education to students. While this may not be a large list, it is one that we will update whenever appropriate.

We’ll also go into depth about whether the school offers a diploma or a degree, how long the course itself might last, and whether or not it’s accredited so that you can, if you so choose, acquired certification to become a certified medical assistant post-graduation.

Medical Assistant Programs Inside North DakotaCome discover a medical assistant program near your city or town

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Launched in 2012 at the Bismarck campus, the medical assistant program at Rasmussen provides students with a chance to earn either a diploma or Associate’s degree.

So, what are the main differences between the diploma and degree program? Well, the first is the amount of time you have to be in school. If you just want the diploma, the program is designed to last 15 months. If you want an Associate’s Degree, students should expect to be in school at least 19 months.

If you want to know how much it might cost to attend Rasmussen, head over to their website so that you can calculate an estimated cost for the program.

This is an ABHES accredited program.

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