In this article, we will showcase a handful of schools that are accepting applications for students interested in medical assisting.

Along with the list of programs below, we will also provide you with information pertaining to tuition, how long a course might take to complete, what you will earn once you graduate, and even job placement statistics post-graduation.

List of Medical Assisting Schools 

Please do note that this list of programs is one we plan to update every so often. So feel free to return to this page to see if any school has been added or removed.

Medical Assisting Program
99 Farm Rd
Bangor, ME – 04401-6831

At Beal, students are interested in the medical assisting program for a variety of reasons.

Some may think it’s a great opportunity to enter the job market. Others may have a dream to one day become an RN, and they feel medical assisting will help them get their foot in the door.

Regardless, Beal provides a program that costs just over $16,000 to enroll in. And according to O’Net and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assistant salary in Maine (on average) is approximately $30,600 per year. That’s a full $1,000 more than the median salary for MA’s in the state of Maine.

Medical Assisting Program
354 Hogan Road
Bangor, ME – 04401-4206

Eastern Maine Community College just offered some great flexibility to their MA program, as they’ve now made it possible for students to attend the program on a part-time basis, meaning they can take evening classes instead of day classes.

This is beneficial to anyone who is very busy with a work schedule or a young family.

At Eastern Maine, you can earn an Associate’s Degree. The prerequisites for this program are Algebra I and Biology with Lab.

Medical Assisting Program
92 Western Avenue
Fairfield, ME – 04937-1367

Kennebec Valley offers the opportunity for students to earn an Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting. They do not, however, provide any information as to how much their program costs, or how long it will take to complete.

Medical Assisting Program
33 Edgemont Dr
Presque Isle, ME – 04769-2016

At Northern Maine, students work hard to earn a Medical Assisting AAS degree. The program is four semesters long and concludes with an Externship inside a medical office. There, you will be able to put your acquired skills to the test under direct supervision.

Medical Assisting Program
One College Drive
Calais, ME – 04619

Washington County Community College prides itself on small classes, thereby giving each medical assisting student the attention he or she deserves. At this school, you will be prepared for the clinical and administrative side of the medical assisting world—be it a clinical medical assistant or a job in administration like insurance coding and billing and or front office management and medical records.

The school offers an Associate’s Degree program that required 64 total credit hours. At the end of the program, students participate in an externship program inside a real medical office or clinic. Once the program concludes, you will be eligible to sit for the AAMA certification examination, or the AMT registration exam. This is because WCCC is accredited by the CAHEEP.

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Below, check out a short video of an actual class (not a Maine program, however) full of medical assistants learning from their instructor, so that you can get an idea of what school will be like.

Disclaimer: All information, statistics, data, guidelines, and requirements regarding each school or program listed above was originally found on the respective school or program’s official website in 2014 and can often be estimates.   Any or all schools or programs can change their information, statistics, data, guidelines, or requirements at any time without warning.  While we do our best to keep information on this page up-to-date, some or all information listed above may have changed or may no longer be accurate.  Please do you own due diligence and research before inquiring about or applying to any school or program.