This article will feature a large list of medical assistant programs that you can receive admissions information about. We not only list the schools alphabetically, but we provide you with specifics details about tuition, whether it’s a certificate or degree program, and even information about certification and financial aid.

A List of Medical Assistant ProgramsFind Medical Assistant Programs in Illinois

This list of Illinois programs may be updated whenever necessary, so please feel free to check back to see if any changes have been made.

Like many schools, College of DuPage offers both a certificate and an Associate’s degree program. And, like many schools, College of DuPage’s program allows students to sit for the certification examination upon graduation.

But, unlike some schools, you’ll also be eligible to sit for the American Society of Clinical Pathology Board of Registry exam. And what happens if you pass that exam, you might ask?

If you successfully complete this exam, you will become a Certified Phlebotomy Technician, or a PBT.

The medical assistant program is 52 credit hours, and will cost $7,072. Books and other supplies will be an additional $2,455.

At College of Lake County, you can earn either a certificate or degree in medical assisting. A Health Office Assistant Certificate is also offered, as well.

330 North Green Street
Chicago, IL 60607

Coyne College offers student a diploma program that will conclude with a medical assistant externship.

7414 S. Cicero Avenue
Bedford Park, IL 60629

The diploma program at Bedford Park lasts approximately 41 weeks. Tuition will cost students $18,841.

1101 West North Avenue

The 41 week long program at the Melrose Park campus concludes with students earning a diploma.

150 South Lincolnway Street
North Aurora, IL 60542

Like all the other MA programs at Everest College in Illinois, the Burr Ridge campus provides students with a 41 week long program.

In Skokie, students can expect to pay over $18,000 for their medical assistant program’s tuition, and approximately $1,700 for books and supplies.

6640 S. Cicero Avenue
Bedford Park, IL 60638

Fox offers students a diploma program, as well as an Associate’s Degree program. The diploma program will take 10 months to finish, and cost approximately $18,650 in tuition.

The Associate’s Degree program is longer and more expensive, however. In fact, for those that want a more comprehensive educational experience, it will take you 16 months to complete and cost $26,650 for tuition.

The medical assistant course at Harper College is a 43-credit hour program that provides students with a certificate upon graduation.

In terms of how much the program costs are Harper, it’s based on whether the student is in-district or out of state. For students in-district, tuition will be $4,665. For those out of district, tuition will be $15,716. And for those out of state completely, students will have to pay $18,963.

These costs do not include things like books and supplies, course fees, institutional fees and much more.

At Highland, students can expect to pay $9,500 for things like tuition, books, and other related fees. This community college offers an Associate’s degree.

Illinois Central College – East Peoria, IL

At ICC, students are able to partake in a 40 credit hour certificate program. Tuition will cost approximately $3,860, with an additional $2,000 for things like books and other related supplies.

11 East Adams Street, Suite 200
Chicago, IL 60603

This program at Loop is an 8 month program, like the program offered at Cumberland/O’Hare. You can expect to pay over $15,000 for tuition and an additional $650 for books and supplies.

8750 West Bryn Mawr Avenue
Chicago, IL 60631

Illinois School of Health Careers has a medical/clinical assistant program available to its students. It’s an 8-month long certificate program that costs approximately $15,350.

At Midstate College, an Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting is offered to students. 96 quarter hours are required to graduate the program.

A 36 week long program in medical assisting is available to students at Midwest Technical Institute. You will have to complete 765 clock hours of education and training, which includes 225 clock hours.

The medical assistant program here at Moraine Valley is a certificate program. You will be able to sit for national certification after you complete your course.

Part of your program includes an externship, as well, which is 160 hours in length. This is an unpaid training and education opportunity where students will be able to work in a clinical setting.

Tuition will cost students just over $5,000.

And for anyone wondering how much you might be able to make as a medical assistant in Chicago, according to, MAs in Chicago can earn approximately $31,000.

The medical assisting program in Northwestern College provides students with an Associate’s degree. As for the program itself, it lasts 27 months.

Tuition will cost you $41,932, while books and other supplies will cost an additional $4,000. You may be able to apply for financial aid, like federal loans, grants, or scholarships, if you have trouble paying for this program.

The medical assistant degree program at Rockford is 24 months long. You can expect to pay $26,000 in tuition, as well as an additional $3,000 for things like books and other supplies related to your classes.

The MA course at SSC prepares you to become a strong, competent entry-level medical assistant. It should be noted that this is a certificate, and not a degree, program.

SIC offers a ten month long certificate program, as well as an Associate’s degree program that lasts two full years. The certificate program is a 38.5 credit hour program, while the degree program is 68.5 credit hours.

The cost of the programs is broken down like this:

Certificate—including tuition, books, and other related fees (for things such as labs, uniforms, equipment, exams, etc), you can expect to pay approximately $6,900.

Degree—when you combine the cost of tuition, coupled with the price for uniforms, books, the physical exam, immunizations and more, the cost rises above $11,000.

2770 West Grand Avenue
Waukegan, IL 60085

The course at State Career College is a 45-week long medical assistant program. It requires 900 clock hours and costs approximately $14,000 (including tuition, which is $10,500 on its own, lab fees, books, registration fee, and more).

The medical assistant program at WCC is offered to students in two fashions. The first is the accelerated program, which lasts 4 semesters. The second is the part-time program, which is 6 semesters.

This is a certificate program, and will last approximately 64 weeks. The tuition will cost students $3,876, while books and other related supplies (things like uniforms, or equipment, or inoculations) will be an additional $2,328.

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