In today’s article, we’re going to showcase the number of schools inside Pennsylvania that provide students medical assistant training. The programs we list below are categorized alphabetically.

In addition to listing the programs themselves, we’ll also provide details as to which offer diplomas and degrees to graduates, how much the schools might charge for tuition, how many months the program might last, and even whether or not you can receive room and board.

Find Your Medical Assisting Program in PAPennsylvania Schools That Offer Medical Assistant Training

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  • Berks Technical Institute – Wyomissing, PA
    Medical Assisting Program
    2205 Ridgewood Rd
    Wyomissing, PA – 19610-1168
    Degrees: Associate

Offering an Associate’s degree to students, the medical assistant program at Berks Tech is designed to last 77 weeks. Tuition and fees are listed at approximately $32,355, while textbooks and supplies are estimated to cost students $2,760. As always, prices are always subject to change.

  • Bidwell Training Center – Pittsburgh, PA
    Medical Assisting Program
    1815 Metropolitan Street
    Pittsburgh, PA – 15233-2212
    Degrees: Diploma

Bidwell offers an Electronic Record Medical Assistant Major, which requires 1060 clock hours and is designed to take students 34 weeks to complete the program. Classes are held Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 2:55pm in the afternoon.

  • Bradford School – Pittsburgh, PA
    Medical Assisting Program
    125 West Station Square Drive
    Suite 129
    Pittsburgh, PA – 15219-2601
    Degrees: Associate
    Degrees: Diploma

Bradford offers a 10-month diploma program, or a 16-month degree program. The diploma program costs approximately $ when you factor in everything like tuition, student fees, and textbooks. On top of that, should you want to stay on-campus, students will have to pay an additional $8,700 for room and board.

Conversely, the Associate’s degree program costs over $32,000 for tuition, textbooks, fees and supplies, while room and board will be over $13,000.

  • Butler County Community College – Butler, PA
    Medical Assisting Program
    Oak Hill Campus – College Drive
    P O Box 1203
    Butler, PA – 16003-1203
    Degrees: Certificate
    Degrees: Associate

Students at Butler County can earn either a certificate or an Associate’s degree in medical assisting.

The certificate program lasts 12 months, and you should expect to pay $4,180 if you’re a Butler resident for tuition and fees. Other PA residents will pay $7,524, while those who live outside of Pennsylvania will pay approximately $10,868.

The diploma track is a 38-credit program, while the degree program requires 67 credits.

  • Central Pennsylvania College – Summerdale, PA
    Medical Assisting Program
    College Hill and Valley Roads
    Summerdale, PA – 17093-0309
    Degrees: Associate

At Central PA college, students can earn an Associate’s degree at Summerdale. And what’s interesting is that online classes (or a Hybrid option) is available to those that opt to take evening classes rather than day classes.

How long does the medical assisting program take to finish? It’s designed to be completed in 15 months, but can take some students longer.

How much will it cost? Well, tuition and fees are priced at about $26,474, while books and supplies will cost you $7,500. We should note, too, that if you need to stay on-campus, room and board will be an additional $11,500.

Central Penn Institute provides a medical assistant diploma program that takes students about 45 weeks to complete. The price of tuition and fees are estimated at $8,790, while books and supplies are estimated to cost you $985.

Community College of Allegheny County offers students a chance to earn either a degree or, if they want to graduate quicker for an opportunity to enter the job market, a certificate.

Delaware County provides students two tracks to get their training as a MA. One is a certificate program, which requires 42 credits. The second is a degree track, which requires 62 credits.

If you’re interested in pursuing a certificate, here’s how the cost of the program breaks down:

  • Sponsoring School District Residents: $5,725
  • Non-Sponsoring School District Residents: $9,757
  • Out-of-State Residents: $13,789

Certificate programs typically are designed to be completed in a year or less, while Associate degree programs are often designed to take either two years, or just under two years to finish.

At the Pittsburgh campus, students will likely be enrolled in the program for at least 33 weeks. To attend the certificate program, tuition and fees cost about $20,798, while books and supplies are approximately $1,981.

The diploma program at GACTC costs approximately $13,161.00. This includes the price of tuition and any necessary supplies. It will take you about 12 months to earn your diploma, should you graduate the program successfully (though this number is somewhat fluid and can vary from student to student).

Able to earn an Associate’s degree, medical assisting students at Harrisburg must complete 61 credits, as well as an externship, in order to graduate.

  • Institute of Medical Careers
    133 Jefferson Road, Suite 101
    Pittsburgh, PA 15235

A diploma program that meets Monday through Friday, students here are required to fulfill 1260 total clock hours. Students that attend the IMC MA program will also participate in an internship, where you will be able to put your didactic instruction into practice.

You will need immunizations prior to your internship. Some sites may require you to submit to a background check, as well.

At Kaplan, you can earn an Associate’s degree in medical assisting in 66 weeks. The cost of the program is approximately $30,000, and this includes the price of tuition, student fees, supplies and textbooks.

Offering up both a diploma and an Associate’s Degree in Specialized Business, Kaplan gives students flexibility when it comes to their education. For those that want to pursue a diploma, the program will take approximately 34 weeks to complete. Tuition and fees at the Pittsburgh campus will be $15,741, while buying textbooks and supplies (like uniforms, for example), will run you $720.

By contrast, the degree program lasts 66 weeks and costs over $30,000.

A Medical Office Assistant diploma is also available, as well.

The diploma program at the Philadelphia campus takes just as long, and cost just as much, as the estimates will outlined for the Pittsburgh campus mentioned above.

  • Keystone Technical Institute – Harrisburg, PA
    Medical Assisting Program
    2301 Academy Drive
    Harrisburg, PA – 17112-1012
    Degrees: Associate
    Degrees: Diploma

Keystone Technical Institute offers a diploma program, as well as a degree program entitled Medical Assistant Specialist.

The diploma program takes ten months to complete if you attend during the day, and 15 months if you take evening classes. By contrast, it will take you approximately 18 months to complete the degree program if you take day classes, and 27 months if you opt to go in the evening.

  • Lehigh Carbon Community College – Schnecksville, PA
    Medical Assisting Program
    4525 Education Park Drive
    Schnecksville , PA – 18078-2598
    Degrees: Associate

At Lehigh, students can earn an Associate’s degree. 65 total credits are required to actually earn the degree.

The degree program at the Allentown campus will take you approximately 72 weeks to complete. The program will cost over $30,000, which includes the cost of tuition and textbooks, along with student fees and important supplies.

A 72-week long program, the degree program at McCann in Dickson City costs $27,345 for tuition and fees and another $5,950 for textbooks and supplies.

The cost of the Associate’s degree program at the Hazelton campus is identical to that of the one located in Dickson City.

The Pottsville campus has an Associate’s degree program that is designed to be finished within 72 weeks, though some students may take longer to complete the program.

While the Sunbury campus’ degree program lasts 72 weeks, there are some small differences in the cost of the program compared to the other McCann campuses in PA.

For example, tuition and fees for Sunbury’s medical assistant school equates to $27,420, while the cost of things like textbooks, uniforms, and other supplies comes to $6,800.

The medical assisting program at MCCC is a certificate program. The school offers students both a day option, as well as an evening option. Should you have any questions about this program, you should contact Program Director Kathleen Schreiner.

  • Mount Aloysius College – Cresson, PA
    Medical Assisting Program
    7373 Admiral Peary Highway
    Cresson , PA – 16630-1999
    Degrees: Associate

60 total credits are required to earn an Associate’s degree in medical assisting at Mount Aloysius College.

Also a degree program, Penn Comm Business/Technical School has designed an 18-month long program where students can graduate school with an Associate’s degree. The program also prepares you to sit for the Certified Medical Assistant examination.

PTI not only prepares you to take the CMA exam, but also the NCCT Phlebotomy Technician Certification exam, as well. The school prepares its students, too, for entry-level jobs at hospitals, doctor’s offices, insurance companies, and more.

Here, you can earn a two-year Associate’s in the Specialized Business Degree program for medical assisting. Preparing you for a job as everything from a regular medical assisting to a medical records assistant and even an electrocardiography technician, South Hills’ graduates are eligible to sit for the AAMA’s CMA examination.

The Associate’s degree program at South Hills School of Business and Technology is a 23-month program. Students like yourself should expect to pay approximately $41,000 for this program. That’s because $37,763 go to tuition and student fees, and an additional $4,895 are devoted to the price of textbooks and supplies.

Offering students a diploma in medical assisting, Westmoreland County Community College does make it a point to state that their program is not for those that want to attend part-time. With that said, there is some flexibility within the program.

The MAS 105 course is offered online, for example.

The school’s FAQ page does a great job of explaining what classes are like for those enrolled in the program. For example, when it comes to learning and perfecting your invasive skills, students first practice on “practice arms.” Once they understand how everything works, students take turns practicing on each other. In other words, each student gets the opportunity to be both the medical assistant and the patient in class.

  • YTI Career Institute – Altoona, PA
    Medical Assisting Program
    2900 Fairway Drive
    Altoona , PA – 16602
    Degrees: Associate

To earn an Associate in Specialized Technology degree, students must be enrolled in YTI’s medical assistant class for at least 21 months. A total of 97 credits are required to earn your degree.

The Altoona campus’ program will cost you $24,675 for tuition and related fees. And textbooks and other significant supplies will be an additional cost of $2,800.

To earn your Associate degree at Lancaster, students are expected to be in school for 21 months. The cost of things like tuition and important student fees (application fees, certification exam fees, etc) comes to $30,240. Books and supplies are an additional $2,800.

At York, the length of the program, as well as the price of the program, is the same as the Lancaster campus.

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