In this article, we will reveal the Ohio schools you can apply to that provide medical assistant training to students. We not only will list the schools for you below, but we’ll break down the tuition cost for the programs, whether the school offers room and board, approximately how long each program lasts, and even whether the school is offering a diploma or degree program.

Finding Medical Assistant Training in Ohio

Below, we list programs alphabetically. We encourage you to bookmark this page, as we plan to update this article periodically.

At the Akron campus of Herzing, students are able to enroll in a diploma program, as well as an Associate’s program. The diploma program is a 48 week program, and costs students approximately $19,185 for tuition and related fees. With that said, it doesn’t appear that students are asked to pay anything extra for textbooks or any other supplies.

For the degree track, students should expect to be in school for 80 weeks. The program’s tuition cost (as well as other fees like insurance or student fees) will be $30,625. Books and supplies are not an additional expense here.

  • Apollo Career Center – Lima, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    201 West Market Street
    Lima , OH – 45806-1497
    Degrees: Certificate

Apollo Career Center offers students a full-time certificate program for medical assistant students.

Ashland features a certificate program that is 900 hours long. How does that 900 hours break down? Classroom or didactic instruction takes up 636 hours, while 264 hours are dedicated to your externship. With classes taking place Monday through Friday, you can expect to pay $7,316 for this program.

  • Belmont College – St Clairsville, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    120 Fox Shannon Pl
    Saint Clairsville , OH – 43950-8751
    Degrees: Associate

Belmont offers students a two-year Associate’s degree program.

  • Bradford School – Columbus, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    2469 Stelzer Rd
    Columbus , OH – 43219-3129
    Degrees: Diploma–Program costs $18,150 for tuition and fees; $1,800 for textbooks and supplies.
    Degrees: Associate—This program will cost you $28,635 for tuition and necessary fees, while textbooks and supplies will cost an additional $2,440.

Bradford offers students a 10-month diploma program, or a 16-month degree program. Understand that these are just estimated program lengths, because they assume that the student attends full-time and successfully graduates on-time.

  • Bryant & Stratton College – Parma, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    12955 Snow Rd
    Cleveland West Campus
    Parma , OH – 44130-1013
    Degrees: Associate

At this college, you can earn a diploma in Medical Office Assisting, or an A.A.S. degree in Medical Assisting.

If you pursue the degree program, here are a few things you should know. The first is that the program will take you an estimated two years to complete. The cost of the program, when you factor in the price of tuition textbooks, and fees for everything from insurance to uniforms and other supplies, will cost you a little over $36,000.

Room and board is $17,056, as well.

  • Canton City Schools – Canton, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    116 McKinley Avenue NW
    Room 209
    Canton , OH – 44702-1710
    Degrees: Certificate

The medical assisting program here offers a certificate. Not much is readily available about this program.

Clark offers students a certificate, as well as a possible Associate’s degree for completing the program. After you complete the program, you may become eligible to sit for the CMA exam or the RMA examination.

If you want to attend the medical assisting program at Columbus State Community College, you must attend the college’s information session.

  • Cuyahoga Community College – Cleveland, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    2900 Community College Ave
    Health Careers and Science Bldg, Room 106
    Metro Campus
    Cleveland, OH – 44115

Cuyahoga Community College, which is also referred to as Tri-C, has a certificate and degree program for MA students. For those interested in the certificate program, be prepared to be in school at least 32 weeks.

The program will cost $3,340 in tuition and fees, while books and supplies will be an additional $1,700.

  • Davis College – Toledo, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    4747 Monroe St
    Toledo, OH – 43623-4307
    Degrees: Associate

Davis allows students to earn an Associate’s degree in medical assisting. There was 110 total credit hours required for this program.

EGCC provides you with a chance to earn a certificate or an A.A.S. degree. Qualified students can be placed in the one-year certificate program, which is accelerated. Afterward, students may opt to stay in school and complete all the required credits in order to earn a degree in medical assisting.

  • Edison Community College – Piqua, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    1973 Edison Drive
    Piqua , OH – 45356-9239
    Degrees: Certificate

Edison provides students a chance to earn a certificate in regards to their MA program. Here’s how the cost of that program breaks down (these numbers may change in the future):

Tuition: $5,128.48
Lab Fees: $649
Textbooks: $2,719
Other Materials: $199
Other Fees: $881
TOTAL: $9,576.73

  • EHOVE Adult Career Center – Milan, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    316 Mason Rd W
    Milan , OH – 44846-9500
    Degrees: Certificate

At EHOVE, students can earn a medical assisting certificate. This is a 10-month long program and will cost students approximately $5,848 for tuition and related fees, plus an additional $725 for textbooks and needed supplies.

Here at Eastland-Fairfield, adults can enroll in a 36 week long certificate program. Tuition and fees will cost $8,132, while students should expect to pay about $1,968 for textbooks and other supplies. Classes are held Monday through Thursday.

Here at Fortis, students can enroll in a certificate program that is designed to be completed in as little as 36 weeks. The program, when you combine the cost of tuition and fees, as well as textbooks and other supplies like uniforms and more, comes to almost $15,000.

The Columbus campus also provides students with a certificate program. Here, the program will also take 36 weeks to complete. The tuition, including fees for things like labs or certificate exams, is $14,843. The cost of textbooks and other supplies will be an additional charge of $682.

  • Harrison College – Grove City, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    3880 Jackpot Rd
    Learning Resource Center
    Grove City , OH – 43123-7500
    Degrees: Associate

The Associate’s degree program lasts about two years. Tuition is broken down by quarter. If you attend full-time, the cost is $4,800. Tuition program fees by quarter are $790. And finally, tuition by credit hour for full-time students is $400, and less than full-time equates to $475.

  • Heritage College – Middleburg Heights
    18780 East Bagley Road, 3rd Floor
    Middleburg Heights, OH 44130

Heritage College provides students with an X-Ray Medical Technician – Medical Assistant program. The program itself is a certificate program that is designed to last 16 months.

The cost of the program is two-fold. Tuition and fees cost $17,165, while students should expect to put aside an additional $1,585 for textbooks and other supplies.

  • Heritage College – Columbus
    150 Taylor Station, Suite 200
    Columbus, OH 43213

The length of this medical assistant course in Columbus, as well as its cost, are exactly the same as the program offered up at Middleburg Heights.

Through an 80 week long program at the Toledo campus, Herzing students will prepare and train for entry level medical assistant jobs. Here, the tuition and fees cost approximately $30,625. There is no additional charge for textbooks or supplies.

  • Hocking College – Nelsonville, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    3301 Hocking Pkwy
    Nelsonville , OH – 45764-9582
    Degrees: Associate

Students at Hocking are offered the chance to earn an Associate’s degree in MA. 64 credit hours are required, and course fees add up to about $1,115.00.

At James Rhodes State College in Lima, medical assisting students can enroll in a two-year degree program. 70.5 total credit hours are required to graduate from this program. A medical assisting capstone/practicum, where you work inside a doctor’s office or clinic and get hands-on experience, takes place at the end of this program (inside your final semester), as well.

  • Kaplan College – Dayton, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    2800 East River Road
    Dayton , OH – 45439-1516
    Degrees: Diploma

At Kaplan College, students can apply to a diploma program in an effort to get on the right path towards meeting their career goals in becoming a MA. If you go the diploma route, you can expect to be in school about 36 weeks. Tuition and fees will cost you about $15,195 at the Dayton campus, but do remember that textbooks and supplies will cost you a bit more money, as well ($720).

  • Knox County Career Center – Mt Vernon, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    306 Martinsburg Rd
    Mount Vernon , OH – 43050-4298
    Degrees: Diploma

At Knox County Career Center, students can earn a diploma in medical assisting at the Mount Vernon campus. Do expect to be in the program at least 9 months, although it can take some students longer to complete.

Here’s how much the program costs: Tuition and related fees (for things like the application or student or lab fees, for example) comes to $7,572, while purchasing textbooks and other significant supplies for school will be an additional $1,240.

  • Lakeland Community College – Kirtland, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    7700 Clocktower Dr
    Kirtland , OH – 44094-5198
    Degrees: Diploma

At Lakeland, we didn’t notice anywhere on the school’s website where it lists how long the program itself lasts, or how much tuition is expected to be. With that said, they do list a handful of their fees.

At Lakeland, like many schools, it’s important to know that fees are always subject to change. With that said, do know that some of the fees are specified in the following ways:

  1. Program admission deposit: $55
  2. Lab Fees and/or Liability Insurance: $210
  3. Uniforms worn by students: $150
  4. Medical Exam: $125
  5. Hepatitis B vaccination: $200
  6. LCC Graduation Fee: $40
  7. HOBET Testing: $40
  8. The Certified Medical Assistant examination: $125
  9. Textbooks: $700
  10. Transportation and parking fees: Price varies
  11. Criminal Background Check: $68

Lorain offers students a one-year technical certificate, or a two year Applied Science (Associate’s) degree.

For students interested in pursuing the certificate, program begins during the fall semester and runs through the spring semester.

While the school doesn’t provide students with a simple gainful employment section showcasing how long school lasts or how much it costs, it’s likely that the certificate is just a one year program, and the Associate’s degree is a two year program.

If you have more questions about the program itself, or how it’s structured or what classes you need to take, check out the FAQ’s for both the certificate and degree program.

Lorain County Joint Vocational at Oberlin offers a medical assisting certificate to those that successfully graduate their program in 9 months. The program costs students about $10,800 when you factor in the cost of tuition, fees, textbooks and supplies.

The school, too, offers a Medical Office Assisting program.

Educating students in Canfield, Ohio, Mahoning County Career & Technical Center offers a certificate to students who successfully graduate the center’s MA program.

The program itself breaks down in this fashion:

How much does school cost? Tuition and fees are $8,330; Textbooks and supplies are $1,170.
How long does the program take to finish: 38 weeks.
Can I live on campus? No, room and board is not offered here.

  • Marion Technical College – Marion, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    1467 Mount Vernon Avenue
    Marion , OH – 43302-5694
    Degrees: Certificate, Degree

At Marion, students are offered a three term certificate program, or a five term ATS (Associate of Technical Studies) degree.

If you want to set your sights on the technical certificate, do note that this program is designed to require 41 credit hours. The program costs 9,868 in total—a figure that includes the cost of tuition, as well as textbooks, fees, and any charges for supplies deemed necessary.

  • Medina County Career Center – Medina, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    1101 W Liberty St
    Medina , OH – 44256-1346
    Degrees: Certificate

A 36-week program (910 hours), medical assistant students can earn a certificate within a year’s time of school. The cost of the program itself is $7,275, though this is a price that’s always subject to change.

  • Miami Jacobs Career College – Columbus, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    150 E. Gay Street
    Columbus , OH – 43215-3130
    Degrees: Associate

Students can earn an Associate’s degree for their hard work at the Columbus campus of Miami Jacobs. Here, the program lasts 96 weeks in length and will cost you approximately $35,000 to attend.

At Miami Valley Career Tech Center, students can earn a certificate of proficiency after they successfully graduate the schools MA program in 30 weeks. This equates to 900 clock hours of training and education.

You will need proper immunizations—especially before you partake in any externship or practicum, and the overall program’s cost will be $9,520.

  • Miami-Jacobs Career College – Dayton, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    110 Patterson Boulevard
    Dayton , OH – 45402-1771
    Degrees: Associate

A 96 week program, medical assistant students are expected to pay the following:

  1. Approximately $31,891 for tuition and related fees.
  2. Approximately $4,800 for your textbooks and for your other supplies.

National College has many campuses that offer MA training all throughout the Buckeye state. At the Cincinnati campus, the MA program takes 19 months to complete. The program, as currently constructed, will cost you about $36,000 to attend.

  • National College – Columbus, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    5665 Foret Hill Road
    Columbus , OH – 43231-2970
    Degrees: Associate

This 19 month long program costs over $30,000 for tuition and fees, and approximately $5,400 for things like your supplies and classroom textbooks.

  • National College – Kettering, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    1837 Woodman Center Drive
    Kettering , OH – 45420
    Degrees: Associate

The MA program is an Associate’s degree program, which means it will take almost two years to complete. The cost of the program is the same as the price listed for the Cincinnati campus.

  • National College – Stow, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    3855 Fishcreek Rd
    Stow , OH – 44224-4305
    Degrees: Associate

The Stow campus has the same program costs as the medical assistant course at the Columbus campus.

  • National College – Willoughby Hills, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    27557 Chardon Road
    Willoughby Hills , OH – 44092
    Degrees: Associate

Despite being at a different location, the National College Willoughby Hills campus takes just as long, and costs just as much, as the other NC campuses.

  • National College – Youngstown, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    3487 Belmont Avenue
    Youngstown , OH – 44505
    Degrees: Associate

Offering students an Associate’s degree, it should be noted that the Youngstown campus is not any cheaper or more expensive to attend than the other MA programs offered up by National College throughout the state of Ohio.

Northwest State features a 2-year medical assistant program that, once you successfully complete it, students earn an Associate’s degree.

  • Ohio Business College – Hilliard, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    4525 Trueman Boulevard
    Hilliard , OH – 43026
    Degrees: Diploma

There is not much detail pertaining to the cost of the program at OBC, nor how long it lasts, but we do know that OBC provides students with a diploma program.

Here is a video OBC has posted to their YouTube channel in regards to their program:

At Sheffield Village, students can earn a diploma once they graduate the MA program successfully. The school offers, too, a Medical Assisting Bridge Program.

  • Ohio University – Lancaster, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    1570 Granville Pike
    Lancaster , OH – 43130-1037
    Degrees: Associate

OU offers students an Associate’s degree program for medical assisting. At their webpage, they also provide all the necessary forms you need as it pertains to your admissions. Some forms deal specifically with program requirements, like inoculations.

Taking approximately 16 months to finish school, students come away with Ohio Valley College of Technology with a well earned Associate’s degree. Tuition and fees for this program are approximately $22,410, while textbooks and supplies are $414.

On top of the actual MA program, the school prepares you for other certification examinations, as well, such as:

  1. Certified Clinical Medical Assistants
  2. Certified EKC/ECG Technician
  3. Certified Phlebotomy Technician
  • Owens Community College – Toledo, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    P.O. Box 10000
    Oregon Road
    Toledo , OH – 43699-1947
    Degrees: Associate

Students at Owens can enroll in an A.A.S. degree program to study medical assisting. On top of that, the school states that there is on-campus and online training available, though it would be wise for you to check to see if this applies to the MA program specifically should you be interested in that kind of education flexibility.

This is a certificate program that requires 929 clock hours. The program itself will cost students $8,030, while an additional $45 goes to WorkKeys testing (job skills assessment testing). Costs are, as always, subject to change.

  • Polaris Career Center – Middleburg Heights, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    7285 Old Oak Blvd
    Middleburg Heights , OH – 44130
    Degrees: Certificate

This certificate program takes place over one Fall and one Spring semester. Requiring 946 clock hours, including a 160 unpaid externship, students should expect to pay $8,995 for tuition. This tuition includes the cost of textbook, supplies, CMA and IAPS exam fees.

  • Portage Lakes Career Center – Green, OH – Uniontown, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    4401 Shriver Road
    Uniontown , OH – 44685
    Degrees: Certificate

Limited to a class size of just 20, students attend this medical assistant course Monday through Thursdays between 8 am and 4 pm. It consists of 740 didactic hours and 160 hours of an unpaid practicum. Tuition is set at $8,775, but is always subject to change.

Professional Skills Institute offers a “Medical Office Assistant” program at the Maumee campus. They allow students to earn either a diploma or a degree.

The diploma program sees students enrolled in the course at least 48 weeks. The tuition and fees are set at $14,851, while textbooks and related supplies will cost students an additional $1,530.

The degree program takes longer, and costs more too. This degree track is designed to last at least 72 weeks. The program costs $20,250 (tuition and fees), while books and other supplies will be $2,806.

Ross Medical Education Center offers medical assistant education to students at a variety of campuses throughout not only Ohio, but the entire country.

Niles provides students a chance to enroll in the MA program, or the Medical Insurance Billing and Office Administration program.

Like the other Ross campuses, you can enroll in their MA program at the Sylvania campus.

While Ross does not guarantee employment of any of their students, they do help you with networking techniques, mock job interviews, and resume and cover letter assistance.

On top of everything that Ross provides, they also have externship flexibility. Meaning, if you desire to begin your externship immediately after your classroom education concludes, you can do so without a problem.

  • Sinclair Community College – Dayton, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    444 West Third Street
    Dayton , OH – 45402
    Degrees: Associate, Short-Term Certificate

Sinclair offers students a short-term certificate, as well as an Associate’s degree. The certificate comes at the conclusion of the Medical Office Receptionist program, while the degree is earned for those that successfully complete the Medical Assistant Technology program.

  • Stark State College – Canton, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    6200 Frank Ave NW
    North Canton , OH – 44720-7299
    Degrees: Associate

Requiring between 71 and 72 total credit hours, students at Stark State can pursue an Associate’s degree by taking either day or evening classes.

  • Stautzenberger College – Maumee, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    1796 Indian Wood Circle
    Maumee , OH – 43537
    Degrees: Associate
    Degrees: Diploma

At Stautzenberger College, students can earn either a diploma (takes 18 months) or an Associate’s degree (27 months). The diploma program will cost students approximately $19,000 (including the cost of tuition, fees, supplies, and textbooks). Room and board is not provided.

  • The University of Akron – Akron, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    Summit College
    Polsky 124C
    Akron , OH – 44325-3702
    Degrees: Associate

A minimum of 65 total credits is required to earn a degree at The University of Akron. It will take you approximately two years to earn your medical assisting degree.

Trumbull offers a full-time MA program that includes a 160-hour unpaid externship.

At this particular college, students can earn either a one year Medical Billing Certificate, or take part in a Medical Assisting Associate Degree program. The latter will take approximately two years to receive. You will then be eligible to sit for the CMA examination provided by the American Association of Medical Assistants.

This certificate program will take you 9 months to complete if you attend full-time and 12 months if you can only attend part-time.

With that said, tuition and fees comes to $6,518, although this price doesn’t include health insurance. Should health insurance indeed be required, it would equate to approximately $1,804. This would be in addition to the aforementioned tuition price.

Textbooks and supplies are also expected to be paid by the student. The price for these comes to $1,540.

The University of Northwestern Ohio, located in Lima, has an 18-month long medical assisting program that results in an Associate’s degree for hard-working students.

Prior to your externship, you must be show proof that you have received certain immunizations. A criminal background check is required, as well.

This certificate program is designed to be finished 12 months. Students are expected to pay $5,000 for tuition and fees and then an additional $1,635 for textbooks and supplies. A $35 fee will also be excepted for a background check, as well.

The medical assistant program at Wayne County Schools Career Center in Smithville costs $5,800 (tuition). But that’s not all you have to pay.

On top of tuition, here are the additional fees that students are responsible for:

  1. Books and Supplies: $1,407
  2. Outside Expenses (uniforms, tool kits, etc): $500
  3. Certification Costs: $125
  • Youngstown State University – Youngstown, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    1 University Plaza
    Youngstown , OH – 44555-0001
    Degrees: Associate

At Youngstown State University, students can incur tuition and fee costs that are higher than normal tuition and fees because medical assistant students partake in lab classes.

Students also must pay for immunizations, background checks, and any application/certification fee pertaining to an AAMA certification examination.

  • Zane State College – Zanesville, OH
    Medical Assisting Program
    1555 Newark Rd
    Zanesville , OH – 43701-2626
    Degrees: Associate

Over the course of four semesters and one summer session, students at Zane State College and earn an Associate’s degree in medical assisting. The program will take two years to complete.

Disclaimer: All information, statistics, data, guidelines, and requirements regarding each school or program listed above was originally found on the respective school or program’s official website in 2014 and can often be estimates.   Any or all schools or programs can change their information, statistics, data, guidelines, or requirements at any time without warning.  While we do our best to keep information on this page up-to-date, some or all information listed above may have changed or may no longer be accurate.  Please do you own due diligence and research before inquiring about or applying to any school or program.