This article will provide prospective students like yourself with an opportunity to discover what medical assistant schools located in Iowa are worth considering.  We’ll also go into some detail pertaining to the medical assistant career, job opportunities, and information on certification, as well.

Medical Assistant Programs for IowaMedical Assistant Programs in Iowa

This is a list of schools that we will continue to update, so feel free to check back once in a while for changes. We will list the schools below alphabetically for the sake of clarity.

The Des Moines Area Community College features a diploma program that requires 48-credit hours to graduate. The length of the program is 12 months (though some students take longer to complete the program), and the tuition and fees will cost $6,288. Textbooks and related fees will be an additional $1,761.

At Ellsworth Community College, students can earn a diploma. The cost of the program, once everything such as tuition, books, lab course fees, distance learning (for any and all online courses), background check, certification exam and more, it will cost you $10,135.25. This is, of course, an estimate.

As for how long the course lasts, the program is designed to last 13 months.

Iowa Central Community College provides students with an ability to earn either a diploma or a degree. The diploma program is 11 months and costs $8,701. The degree program information isn’t made available on the ICCC website, but you can expect that those pursuing a degree will be in school longer and will be required to pay a little more money for their education.

Iowa Lakes Community College offers a diploma in medical assisting to students who successfully complete the program. The program lasts 40 weeks, and will cost you $7991, which includes the cost of tuition, related fees, textbooks, and more.

At IWCC, medical assistant students are able to enroll in the program as either a full-time or a part-time student. Upon graduation, you will earn a diploma. The program will last two full semesters, along with 1 summer.

It should be noted that while class capacity is limited to 24 students, an average class size seats just 18 students.

What’s nice about the Cedar Falls campus at Kaplan University is that they offer two learning methods: on-campus and online. And, even if you opt for an on-campus education, there will be some elements that will have to be performed online.

At the Cedar Falls campus, students can earn an Associate’s degree. The program will take you 15 to 18 months to complete if you attend full-time.

92 credits are required to graduate with an Associate’s degree in Medical Assisting at the Cedar Rapids campus of Kaplan.

The cost of attending the medical assisting program at Kaplan varies based on a few things, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $30,000 to $34,000 to earn your Associate’s degree.

At Des Moines, it will take you two years to earn your degree. The tuition, as well as other fees for things like uniforms or certification exams, will be $32,000.

At Mason City, students should expect to pay $32,070 for tuition and related fees. You won’t, however, be expected to pay for textbooks and certain supplies. The program will take you about 24 months to complete, as you’ll be working towards an Associate in Applied Science Degree.

Kirkwood requires 42.5 credit hours for the diploma program. For the degree program, 60.5 credit hours are required.

Mercy College offers students a 3-semester certificate program. In you want to continue your education in an attempt to earn an Associate’s degree, you can do so by taking an additional 25-credit hours.

With that said, the certificate program was designed to be completed in as little as 12 months. The program will cost you $22,560 in tuition and related fees. Textbooks and supplies, unfortunately, are not covered, and you will be required to pay an additional $2,100.

You will need to contact the school to find out if financial aid (scholarships, grants, federal loans) is available to students who need it.

NIACC offers students a certificate program that takes one year to complete. The program itself costs $6,011 in tuition (as well as fees for things like uniforms and a background check). Unfortunately, textbooks and other supplies will cost you additional money to the tune of $2,493. Room and board is offered here, and it will cost $5,351.

Southeastern Community College offers students a certificate program that takes 12 months to complete.

As for how much the program costs, when you add up the cost of in-state tuition and related fees, books and supplies, and additional expenses, students can expect to pay approximately $6,328 for their medical assistant education.

7000 Fleur Drive
Des Moines, IA 50321

Vatterott College is quite unique, because they offer very specialized programs when it comes to medical assistant training. For instance, should you want to pursue a diploma in a program entitled the Medical Assistant Occupational Specialist. This program lasts 40 weeks and costs just over $20,000.

If, however, you would prefer a degree, you have two options. The first is a program entitled Medical Assistant with Office Management, which will take students 70 weeks to complete and cost $35,000.

Or, you can participate in the Medical Assistant with Limited Radiography Technology, which is designed to take 70 weeks to complete and cost just over $36,000.

Western Iowa Tech Community College offers a certificate program that takes one year to complete. You can expect to pay $6,909 for tuition and related fees. Books and supplies will cost you $1,800. And, if you stay on-campus, room and board is offered for the price of $6,804.

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