In this article, we will provide you with a listing of schools in the state of Georgia that provide medical assistant training. These schools will be listed alphabetically and will also include a brief summary of the programs, including things such as how long the course may take to complete and approximately how much you can expect to pay for tuition.

Medical Assisting Schools in GeorgiaFind Medical Assistant Schools in Georgia

Please note that this is an on-going list that we will continue to update. So feel free to check back often to see if there have been any additions or subtractions to the list.

For those that attend Albany Technical College, students can either receive a diploma or degree in medical assisting. The diploma program will take 61 hours to complete, while the degree is approximately nine hours longer (70 in total).

As for the program itself, you will take courses in things such as Medical Assisting Skills, Medical Insurance Management, and Introduction to Healthcare. You will also have to participate in an externship, as well.

The program at ATC will prepare you perform a variety of tasks competently—everything from drawing blood to helping a physician with relatively minor surgeries or helping a patient inside an exam room.

Once you graduate with your medical assisting diploma, you will be able to site for the Registered Medical Assistant examination, or the Certified Medical Assistant exam. It should be noted, however, that if you have a felony conviction on your record, that may hamper you from receiving proper certification or registration.

As for program costs, books and supplies will total $4,000. There are additional costs for things like liability insurance, a CPR card, and your certification (CMA) or registration (RMA) exam—of which the former is a bit more expensive than the latter.

The medical assistant program at Augusta Technical College provides students with a certificate once they finish their 18-month long training. Tuition will cost $5,486, while books and supplies will be an additional $3,240.

5673 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, Suite 450
Atlanta, GA 30342

Cambridge Institute of Allied Health and Tech offers students a Medical Assisting and Imaging X-Ray Specialist program. It will last 54 weeks, and require over 70 credit hours and 1440 clock hours. The program will also conclude with an externship.

The CTC medical assistant program provides students the opportunity to earn a diploma or a degree. The program itself can take up to 28 months to complete, and will cost students $6,029 for tuition.

At this particular college, students can expect to graduate in approximately 28 months, though of course this number can vary for student to student.

CTC also has a second campus located in Acworth, Georgia.

  • Columbus Technical College – Columbus, GA

Columbus Technical College offers students a medical assistant diploma once they successfully graduate the program. The program itself is designed to be completed in 19 months, with the cost of tuition coming to just over $7,000. That doesn’t include the cost of books and supplies, however, which will be an additional $1,300.

At Dalton State College, students can pursue a medical assisting certificate, or acquire more training and education and graduate with an Associate’s degree.

1750 Beaver Ruin Road, Suite 500
Norcross, GA 30093

At Everest, students will receive a diploma for graduating the program. In terms how long it might take, you can expect to be in their medical assistant course for 41 weeks. The cost of the program will be approximately $18,841—and this is just for tuition. Books and supplies will be an additional $1,976.

2841 Greenbriar Parkway SW
Atlanta, GA 30331

The diploma program at the Greenbriar campus will take students 41 weeks to complete—just like the Norcross. The difference, however, will be in the cost of tuition. While Norcross was almost $19,000 for tuition, it truly will cost students at Greenbriar over $19,000 ($19,218 to be exact). On top of that, you can expect to pay just over $2,000 for books and other related supplies.

At the Smryna campus, both a diploma and degree program is offered to students. The diploma program lasts 36 weeks, with tuition costing students $13,320.

The degree program, on the other hand, will take over twice as long to complete (72 weeks) and cost $26,154 in tuition fees. Books and supplies will be an additional charge of $1,675, however.

Fortis College in Smyrna is also accredited by both the CAHEEP and the ABHES.

At the Rock Spring campus of GNTC, the medical assisting program lasts 80 weeks. The tuition will cost students $6,721.

In addition to the cost of $6,721 for tuition fees, students who attend this program will also have to pay $3,600 for books and supplies.

Gwinnett Technical College offers students a diploma in medical assisting. An Associate’s degree is not an option at this particular school. The program is designed to last 20 months in total. The program will cost you $6,165.

Medical assistant classes are offered at a variety of Lanier Technical Colleges—namely the Cumming campus (Forsyth), as well as Oakwood and Winder.

As far as tuition, here’s how it ultimately breaks down. There are a variety of fees, but as it pertains to tuition, it’s $85 per credit hour.

  • Lanier Technical College – Oakwood, GA

It should also be noted that if you’re taking more than 15 credits hours per semester, than tuition should cost you approximately $1,275 per semester.

  • Lanier Technical College – Winder, GA

As mentioned, there are additional fees beyond just your tuition. Students will be expected to pay for things like your application, registration and technology. There are also fees associated with insurance and graduation.

Moultrie Technical College provides medical assistant classes at both the Moultrie Veterans Parkway campus, as well as the Tifton campus. This college offers both a diploma and degree program to its students.

The diploma program is a 64 credit hour program that will take 20 months to complete. It will cost of $6,000 for tuition to attend.

The degree program is a 73 credit hour program.

Once you complete the NGTC program, either at Blairsville or in Clarkesville, you will earn a diploma.

It should also be noted that, at North Georgia Technical College, instructors and the program director at large will place an emphasis on helping you become trained and skilled in medical insurance management, document processing, pharmacology and more.

At Oconee, students will participate in a medical assistant diploma program. The cost of tuition will be $6,025. There are also additional fees for things like uniforms, books, supplies, liability insurance, a drug screening, a criminal background check, your CPR card and more, which will bring exceed an additional $2,000.

Graduates of Ogeechee Technical College will receive a diploma from the school. You will then be able to pursue certification through the AAMA. The program is designed to last 20 months, and will cost over $6,000 in tuition. If you need financial aid, you should contact the school for further details.

To enroll in this Okefenokee Technical College program, you must have a COMPASS reading score of 32, a math score of 26, and a reading score of 70. The program itself is highly selective, as only fifteen students will be selected.

How much will tuition cost me? $6,480
How long will school take? 21 months

Savannah provides students with a medical assistant diploma program. The minimum length of the program is five terms, and the minimum credit hours for students to graduate is 61.

If you’re looking for a medical assisting program that provides its graduates with an Associate’s degree, then South University in Savannah, Georgia might be for you. Just know it won’t be cheap.

Tuition for this university, as it pertains to their MA program, is $43,335. The program is designed to take you 20 months to complete.

For those seeking a diploma in medical assisting at Southeastern Tech College, you can not only attend the Vidalia campus, but also the Swainsboro campus. The program takes about six semesters to complete, and if you want to graduate, you must complete 63 credit hours.

The length of this program at Southern Crescent Tech College is between 5 and 6 terms. The program requires 61 credit hours for graduation, as well.

Southwest Georgia Tech College doles out diploma in their medical assistant program. Tuition will cost $5,185.00, but when you factor in additional fees for uniforms, textbooks, CPR, liability insurance and much more, the total cost comes to $9,291.51.50.

2807 Wylds Road, Suite B
Augusta, GA 30909

In Augusta, students can earn either a diploma or a degree. The diploma will be 55 weeks long and cost $22,600. The degree program lasts 88 weeks, and costs $36,100.

5601 Veterans Parkway
Columbus, GA 31904

The Columbus campus length and price of tuition is the same as Augusta.

14045 Abercorn Street
Savannah, GA 31419

At Savannah, not only can you earn either a diploma or a degree, but also a diploma in Medical Billing and Coding.

  • Virginia College – Macon

1901 Paul Walsh Drive
Macon, GA 31206

You can earn either a diploma or Associate’s degree in medical assisting at the Macon campus.

Students that opt to attend the West Georgia Technical College in Waco will earn a diploma once they successful complete the medical assisting program. Afterward, you will become eligible to sit and take the certification exam offered by the AAMA. Upon successfully completing the exam, you will become a Certified Medical Assistant, which is a more coveted title than merely being a Medical Assistant.

2131 Pleasant Hill Road, Suite 125
Duluth, GA 30096

The Woodruff Medical Training and Testing program, in Deluth and in Gainesville, is a certificate program.

675 E.E. Butler Parkway, Suite K
Gainesville, GA 30501

This certificate program requires 40.5 credit hours for students to graduate.

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