In this article, we will help you better understand the list of Indiana schools that offer students a medical assistant education. We will list the schools from alphabetically, while also describing what each program offers students in terms of training, education, tuition cost, course length, financial aid options and job placement prospects.

Finding a Medical Assistant SchoolMedical Assistant Schooling in Indiana

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The medical assistant program at Brown Mackie College, at the Fort Wayne campus, is a certificate program that lasts 14 months. It will cost students over $20,000 in tuition to enroll, although financial aid is likely available for those that need it.

1000 East 80th Place, Suite 205 M
Merrillville, IN 46410

The certificate program at the Merrillville campus can be completed in as little time as 14 months, though some do take longer to finish. Upon graduation, you will be able to sit for the American Medical Technologists registration examination.

The medical assistant course at the South Bend campus is a 60-credit hour program. It can be completed in approximately fourteen months.

9001 North Wesleyan Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268-1176

The medical assistant program that’s offered at Fortis is a diploma program. It will take you 36 weeks to complete will cost just over $14,000 for tuition.

Students at the Elkhart campus have the opportunity to earn either a certificate or a degree in medical assisting.

The degree program in medical assisting at Anderson is 96-credit hours, while the certificate program is 64 hours.

It should be noted that, at the many campuses in Indiana that Harrison College students attend, if you live further than 60 miles from campus, you will be required to complete a capstone course in place of the typical externship.

The cost of the medical assistant program at the Harrison College campuses, including the downtown Indianapolis campus, will be $4,800 for full-time students. This is the cost of tuition by quarter.

The school’s program fees by quarter at this school equate to $875 per quarter.

If you’re wondering about how tuition breaks down per credit hour, here are the numbers. If you attend full time, it will be $400 per credit hour. For those not full-time, it will be a bit more expensive at $475.

The cost of tuition for the certificate program at the Indianapolis East Campus, and all of the Harrison College campuses, is $28,000. The Associate’s degree tuition will cost students over $42,000.

The certificate program at Lafayette lasts 16 months, while the degree program can be completed in as little as 24 months.

At all the Harrison College campuses, financial aid is available for students. Typically, you can receive aid to help offset your medical assistant course expenses via federal loans, grants, scholarships, and school financing plans.

The medical assistant program at International Business College, be it at Fort Wayne or Indianapolis, is designed to be completed between 10 and 16 months. That’s because IBC offers two tracks to graduation: 1) Earn a medical assistant diploma in as little as 10 months, or an Associate’s degree in medical assisting in as little as 16 months.

In addition to the length of school mentioned above, we’d like to also tell you how much you can expect to pay for tuition. At IBC, the diploma program will cost you $18,225, while the Associate’s degree program will cost students $28,635.

For the Associate’s degree course, that tuition cost does not include the cost of books and supplies, which will be an additional $1,885. And, if you’d like on-campus room and board, that will be an additional $11,960.

At Ivy Tech, both a medical assistant certificate and Associate’s degree are offered at the college’s many campuses in Indiana. It should also be noted, too, that Medical Assisting Information Sessions must be attended by anyone who plans to enroll into the school’s program for the calendar year. These sessions are held at the Fairbanks Center at the Lawrence campus, 9301 E. 59th Street. Reservations are not required to attend.

The Technical Certificate in medical assisting at Ivy Tech is actually something you can earn on your way to earning your Associate’s degree. Linda Diggle is the Program Chair at the Anderson, Indiana campus.

The medical assisting undergraduate certificate is designed to last 12 months.

The cost of tuition for the certificate program at Ivy Tech is $4,893, while the cost of books and related supplies is $1,605. Room and board is not offered. Cindy Moore is the Program Chair and Externship Coordinator of this program.

Patricia Ley is the Medical Assisting Program Chair for the Fort Wayne, Indiana campus.

Kathy Bunker is the medical assisting Program Chair at the Kokomo campus.

Cindy Bollinger is the Program Chair, as well as an Assistant Instructor, at the Lafayette, Indiana campus.

  • Ivy Tech Community College – Lawrenceburg, IN
  • Ivy Tech Community College – Madison, IN
  • Ivy Tech Community College – Marion, IN

Stefanie Goodman is the Program Chair of the medical assisting program at Marion, Indiana.

  • Ivy Tech Community College – Muncie, IN

Linda Pruitt is the Program Chair at the Muncie campus.

  • Ivy Tech Community College-Northwest Region – Michigan City, IN

Viki Van Sickle is the Medical Assisting Program Chair at Michigan City, Indiana.

  • Ivy Tech Community College – Richmond, IN

Judy Corey is the Medical Assisting Program Chair in Richmond.

  • Ivy Tech Community College – Sellersburg, IN

Dr. Ann Harbeson is the Department Chair of Medical Assisting in Sellersburg, Indiana.

  • Ivy Tech Community College – South Bend, IN

Debra Paul is the Medical Assisting Program Chair at the South Bend campus in Indiana.

  • Ivy Tech Community College – Terre Haute, IN

The Terre Haute campus offers students a Technical Certificate in medical assisting (generalist), as well as an Associate of Applied Science Degree. The program chair for this program is Blair Foxworthy, who is a Certified Medical Assistant.

4200 South East Street, Suite 7
Indianapolis, IN 46227

Kaplan College offers Indianapolis students a 36 week certificate program in medical assisting. The cost of the program itself is approximately $15,735. Books and other supplies will be an additional $750, however.

  • Upon successful completion of this program, you will become eligible to sit for the RMA examination (given by the AMT).

    Medtech College – Fort Wayne, IN

At the Fort Wayne campus, students can either study to earn a diploma or an Associate’s degree. The diploma program will last 36 weeks, while the degree program will take you at least 15 months to complete.

At the Greenwood campus, the diploma program will cost you $13,005 in tuition fees, while the degree program is considerably more at $24,000. The degree program requires an additional expense for textbooks, coming in at $3,725.

The Indianpolis campus at MedTech has the exact same medical assistant classes as Greenwood and Fort Wayne. It should be noted, however, that if you plan to pursue an Associate’s degree that it may take you longer than 15 months to complete the program.

At National College, an Associate’s degree program is offered to students. The program length is 19 months. The cost of tuition, when combined with the cost of textbooks and related items, is $36,372. The tuition also covers fees for things like uniforms, RMA certification fee, activity fee, a program fee, and even a graduation fee.

4122 Lima Road, Unit A5
Fort Wayne, IN 46805

One of the unique things about attending the medical assisting program at Ross Medical Education Center is how they handle their externships.

With most schools, you have to wait until the end of the program to participate in an externship. At Ross, that’s not the case. In fact, you can continue your training and education by beginning your externship immediately after your didactic instruction concludes. There’s no waiting period.

445 E. University Drive
Granger, IN 46530

Be it at Granger or any of the other Ross Medical Education Center campuses, the school doesn’t just teach you how to become a medical assistant. They will also help you learn how best to network, and even aid you in building a strong, professional resume.

196 East Southway Boulevard
Kokomo, IN 46902

At Kokomo, in addition to receiving training from an accredited medical assisting program, you’ll also learn important strategies for interviewing for job opportunities.

227 N. Green River Road
Evansville, IN 47715

If you’re interested in knowing how much it costs to attend Ross Medical (or even how much textbooks will cost), well, that information is unfortunately not available anywhere on their website. Instead, Ross opts to have that data published in a campus catalog addendum that is made available to students prior to enrollment.

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