In this article, you will discover a listing of available medical assistant schools that you can apply to. We not only list the schools for you below for your convenience, but we go into a bit of detail about the program itself, as well as the approximate cost of the course and what you will earn (diploma or degree) come graduation day.

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This is an ever-changing list, and will be updated every few months to stay up to date:

Brigham Young University provides students with a pathway to get an Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting.

1122 North Liberty Street
Boise, ID 83704

At Carrington, students can earn a certificate or a degree in medical assisting. If you want to pursue a degree, the program itself will last 39 weeks and cost you approximately $14,000 in tuition (financial aid may be available).

For those that would rather opt for an Associate’s Degree, you can do that too. At Carrington, the Associate’ Degree program will cost students $24,337 and will last 72 weeks in total.

A student attending the MA program at the College of Southern Idaho should know that it will take approximately ten months to complete their program. And along with an application, completing an assessment test, a keyboarding test and your resume, you will also be required to sit down for an in-person interview with the Medical Assistant Advisory Board. Then, once accepted into the program, you will need to show proof of medical insurance and proper immunizations.

Eastern Idaho Tech College offers students the ability to earn an Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting. To do so, you must successfully complete a program that’s 4 semesters and a summer in length. This equates to approximately two years.

Idaho State University accepts just 18 students into their program per year. The program begins in January.

At ISU, you’ll be able to earn an Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting.

Fees for the program itself are based on two things—whether you’re a full-time student or part-time student, and whether you’re a resident of Idaho or not.

If you’re a state resident, you can expect to pay just over $3,000 per semester if you’re a full-time student. If you’re an out of state resident, attending full-time will cost you over $9,000 per semester.

At Lewis-Clark State College, you can earn either an Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Assisting. As for how much the school will cost you, well, fees are based on semester.

For those living in Idaho, you fee will be $2950 per semester. For those who are not residents of Idaho, your cost will be significantly higher, coming in at $8,209 per semester.

It’s important to note that the cost of school can be higher (or lower) based on additional fees (insurance fees, for example), or a different structure in your education schedule.

At North Idaho College, students can earn a certificate in medical assistant. And, should you desire, you can continue your education to go on and earn an Associate in Applied Science Degree.

The certificate program at NIC will be 3 semesters and 39 credit hours. The degree program is a five semester program with 62 to 63 credit hours.

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